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Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 06:37:49 -0800 (PST)
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Perhaps you should browse for the marriage on www.familysearch in their Quebec Catholic church records - Go to North America - Quebec church records, then locate place name, then date range, then scroll pages until you find the same marriage date as shown in Drouin - if the range shown is from, say 1821 to 1828, then enter an image number more than halfway, then scroll through the rest - it will probably be easier to read since FamilySearch has made a better scan of their microfilm - and the original is from a different paper copy in any case.

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From: Pam Tessier <>
Date: Sunday, February 27, 2011, 7:52 AM

Before I jump up and down in excitement, I would like the opinion of the
experts on this list. Of course, I could be years too late and my
discovery is something you all have known for some time.

However............I have been looking for a marriage of a Charles
Champagne/Dorion and a Marie Louise Veronneau for days and days. On
their son Pierre's marriage record on 10 July 1825 in St-Polycarpe, his
mother's name has been determined by the entire Internet and many family
historians to be Veronneau. Father Charles of Nicolet was deceased but
the mother Marie Louise "Veronneau" is still alive.

The Drouin Collection copy (Champage/Duval 1825) of this marriage is
very faint and no matter how I tweaked it remained nearly impossible to
read. The FamilySearch record is somewhat better, with the use of a
magnifying glass, but Pierre's mother's name is still difficult to
determine. Hence, I suppose, the assumption that her name was Veronneau.

I believe the priest actually wrote Vadeboncoeur. If Marie Louise
Mirabent Vadeboncoeur is her correct name then all the pieces fall into

I would appreciate your comments and thoughts. If I am correct, this
will be big news for families in this town. And if I am a 
johnny-come-lately to this information, then I've still had great fun!

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