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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Translation Please: M. 1759-1761 Augustin Amiot &Marguerite Braseau
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that marriage took place in 1760.
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Montreal Notre Dame

M Aug Amiot & Marg Braseau

On October twenty seventh sixteen hundred sixty, after the publication of
three bans, without impediment or opposition, I, undersigned, assistant
priest in this parish, having received the mutual consent by word of persons
present, of Augustin Amiot, twenty six years of age, son of Etienne Amiot
and Marie Anne Poitras, his father and mother, of this parish, as the first
party, and also present Marguerite Braseau, nineteen years of age, daughter
of Etienne Braseau and Louise Picard, her father and mother, as the second
party, I married them according to the rules and customs of the Holy Church,
in the presence of Antoine Amiot, brother of the groom, Francois Amiot,
brother of the groom, Etienne Braseau, brother of the bride, and Nicolas
Braseau, brother of the bride, who all declared that they were unable to
sign, upon inquiry /s/ Jollivet, priest

On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 10:47 AM, Annette <> wrote:

> Please if I could get a translation on this marriage please. Please I
> would also like to know what side and the location of the page the
marriage is.
> It
> is to hard for me to tell where it is at. Thank you so much.
> Name: Augustin Amiot
> Spouse: Marguerite Braseau
> Event Year: 1759-1761
> Event: Mariage (Marriage)
> Religion: Catholique
> Place of Worship or Institution: Montréal (Basilique Notre-Dame)
> Province: Québec (Quebec)

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