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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Marie Anne Lacasse death September 17 1951
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2010 08:36:11 -0400 (EDT)

Her brother J. Victor EDMOND Lacasse married his 2nd wife Alma Chouinard
in Ste-Flavie, Rimouski 17 Apr 1926 (1st wife Josephine Nolin)
......Edmond died in Rimouski 7 Mar 1965 and was buried from St-Germain parish.


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Thanks Don et al
Now what is in Rimouski that a 50 year old woman, presumably never
married, would find attractive other than a possible marriage mate to grow old
A very special convent?
A religious shine?


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In 1930 US census she is 53 and single ...her mother is living with her.

the BMS2000 gives her parents names at her burial spouse name, so
I would venture she never married.


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Renee, Clem and Lister

Thank you for the lookups for Marie Anne LaCasse! She and her parents were
truly wanderers!
St Alphonse de rodriquez
to Terrebone 1881
to Joilette in 1891
to Cohoes-Waterford , NY in 1900
and she went back to Rimouski....she may have at least fifty years old by

Was she married or widowed?
Can anyone see the image for St Germain in 1951?

You can see her image on my blog *_http://franc*_ (*)

The story of the Lacasse sisters
and a detail of the picture. Marie Anne is seated in lower left


Thanks again for all the help, especially Renee and Clem
"Mary Beth"
Mary Elizabeth Mylott-Fasano

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