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From: Mona Andrée Rainville <>
Subject: [Q-R] Beware of fake messages coming from Mireille Walker's address
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2010 07:07:03 -0400

Good morning folks,

Looks like our friend Mireille Walker's hotmail e-mail address has been
hijacked by some creep in the UK.

If you receive one, please ignore it. It does not come from Mireille and
is a scam to steal your money.

Here is what I've received.



Sorry to disturb you with this mail but I'm out of the country at the
moment,just had to travel all of a sudden to London for some business
and I found myself in a terrible situation which i really need to take
care of now. I need a loan of $1,800. I'll explain better and refund
the money back to you immediately i get back next week,i hope it won't
be too much trouble for you ,i got mugged of my belongings including my
bank cards and my travel documents so i really need a loan from you but
I'll explain better to you once i get back because right now I'm sick
and confused about my situation here.kindly send the money to me via
western union because it's very close to where am staying. I am at this
address:81A ,Bayjohn Road. London, W2 4HP, UK. I promise to refund back
any amount you send to me including the WU charge once i get back home.
Please let me know how much I'll receive and also send me an email with
the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) on the receipt.


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