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Just to add a tiny bit more confusion to the mix, the first French-Canadian church in St-Albans, Vermont is now known as Holy Angels but when it was founded in 1873 it was La Paroisse Des Saints Anges Gardiens. And I believe I have also seen it referenced simply as L'Anges Gardiens.

Dave Constantine in Boston

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And there's also the Church in L'Ange Gardien in the town of Angers in the
County of Papineau.

In the town of Ange Gardien in the County of Rouville the church is St-Ange

L'Ange Gardien town in Montmorency as a church also call L'Ange Gardien.
(Parish & Town Guide to the province of Quebec, pre 1901, Quintin
Have fun

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Re: Goddu/Gobeille lookup

Quelle surprise! Ange-Guardien is in Rouville and l'Ange-Guardien is in
Montmorency......... who knew? ok - everyone knew but me!


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