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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Other places to search on-line
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2010 12:47:23 -0400
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One google tip I use all of the time that a lot of people aren't aware of.
go to 'advanced' google search
type "genealogy" in the box labelled "all these words"
then in the box labelled "exact wording or phrase" type in the name, title,
etc of whatever you are searching for.
By doing this, you will only get things pertaining to genealogy and not all
the other stuff like facebook people with same or similiar names or current
2010 people with same.

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Subject: [Q-R] Other places to search on-line

Hi again,

Maybe 6 mos. ago I tried using the new "LDS beta search" feature, and
didn't find information that was new for me. But, several people have
suggested I try again, and this time I found an important piece of
information I needed.

I almost always use mostly for the 1880 and 1881
census records and the SSDI. But, for some ancestors, I check to see if
they are mentioned on that site. I've been doing that for 9 yrs. But,
for several years, I check out the WorldConnect Project at to see if my ancestors are mentioned there. There are
several things researchers should check out at that home page.

And, last winter I went to a meeting at my local library where the speaker
was "Dick Eastman" from the "genealogy newsletter." He was talking about
all the different ways that "Google" can help with genealogy. There are
tricks when doing a search there which most researchers might not know
about. I don't recall the tricks at this second, but, if you browse around
that home page, and click on different things, you might find something
which can help. (He mentioned there is a book on the subject.)

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