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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Filles du Roi Annulment
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2010 12:07:11 -0700
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Thanks, Mona.
I appreciate the information. Since there is no definite reason given,
I can just suppose/guess what happened.
Thanks again.
On Aug 3, 2010, at 11:56 AM, Mona Andrée Rainville wrote:

Hello Lue,

There were a number of reasons which could interfere with the parties
going through with the marriage after contracting for one.

One was a mutual decision not to marry. Yes, it did happen that the
parties thought they were rushed into a decision neither of them felt
was right for them, or simply, that they had met more suitable
candidate after the signing of the contract.

But generally, the motives fell in either one of three categories:

a) Financial reasons: the future husband did not have a house or
sufficient means to establish a new wife and future family; or he
could not meet the requirements of a dowry; or, their employer did not
want to release them or make arrangements to receive the future wife
in the living quarters... etc.

b) The reputation of one of the parties failed somehow in the eyes of
the other party; one of them was already married or presumed to be
still married to an absent spouse; one of them had been accused of
some crime or even of simple misbehaviour.

c) a personal or physical impedement discovered before the celebration
of the marriage. It could be a matter of age, a disease, an infirmity,
or more tragically, that one of them died before getting married.



luella wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone would have the answers to the question:
> What grounds would be needed to annul a marriage contract? Jeanne
> Labbe's marriage contract to Pierre Mercier was annulled in Oct 1669.
> Thanks, Lue
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