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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Cemetery Statistics for 2009
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2010 15:42:17 -0500
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That's why you are in such good shape now, Don't you think it was worth it? You must have a very
svelte figure by now compared to when you came to Ottawa and walked Notre Dame, but OH yes we spent
more time in Timmy's that day didn't we. You are still awesome so keep up the good work Bill. We
All Love ya! Take care and no more surgeries they really hurt as I had a shoulder replacement 4
months ago. But like you all better now, "Almost" Love and take care, Fran
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Subject: [Q-R] Cemetery Statistics for 2009

> As I was asked last Fall, and the fact that I never added this all up
> before, it kind of surprised me, what this past years totals were.
> For 2009.
> 6,632 miles driving to and from cemeteries.
> Gas total for the year- $962.00 US, back and forth to cemeteries.< Just
> cemetery trips.
> 37 whole days of cemeteries for the year. Out of 52 weeks for the year,
> that was pretty damn good for the year.
> I picked up a total of 692 flags for the year.
> Completed 134 cemeteries for the year.
> Walked a total of 350.7 miles for the year in cemeteries.
> Took 185 pain pills for the year in order to do all those cemeteries. As I
> remember, many 5-6 paqin pill days.
> A little over 100 rolls of film.< remember, I still use a real camera.
> I think about 10 nights in Motels and all those great Chinese Buffet
> meals................... :)
> Broke my own record by walking 15.7 miles in a cemetery in one day.
> Had 1 spine surgery in 2009, that I had to work around.
> Did the largest cemetery in my life, so far, of 332 acres, which took 5
> days to walk the entire thing, for a total of 62.4 miles walking that one
> cemetery.
> Gee, how many millions of headstones did I read?
> And of course, looks like 37 Cemetery Reports for the year.
> How many bunnies did I almost step on?
> How many deer did I see, and turkeys, and chipmunks, hawks and fox and wolf
> etc.????
> And dont forget finding "Dead Fred" and other misc. bones.
> And how many times did Henry bother me?????????????????
> And how many handfulls of black berries did I eat?
> And now I have to wait for the snow to melt come Spring before I can start
> over again. I'm ready to go.....................
> Best
> Bill
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