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Subject: [Q-R] NGS Launches UpFront Blog
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 12:23:20 EDT

NGS Launches UpFront Blog
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The following announcement was written by the (U.S.) National Genealogical
Society although I did add my own comment at the end:
The National Genealogical Society is pleased to announce the launch of
UpFront with NGS in blog format. “Blog” is short for “web log,” an Internet
communications tool that has been growing rapidly in recent years. This
format will extend all the conveniences of a blog to UpFront readers. Here are
some of the major advantages:

* More content sooner - You can see the latest articles as soon as
they are available instead of waiting for the next monthly mailing.
* Convenience - You can choose the articles you wish to read and view
them whenever you like. When used with an RSS newsreader, you can gather
articles as they are posted.
* Readability - In addition to a cleaner look with appropriate font
variations, web addresses noted in articles are hot links that you can
click on to immediately view the referenced web page. You will even see
illustrations for some articles!
* Reliability - Some e-mail services block messages that their
software deems as possible spam. There are no spam issues when you read blog
articles - either on the web or in an RSS newsreader.
* Comments - You can share your thoughts with other readers by
posting a comment at the end of any article.

Many UpFront subscribers already read a number of genealogy blogs and can
attest to their many benefits. NGS hopes that all our readers will enjoy
this upgrade. NGS Education & Publications Director Pam Sayre, CG, CGL,
remarked, "Some of us may recall bringing home a new color TV to replace the
fuzzy old black and white model. What a difference it made in our viewing
pleasure. We at NGS believe that the difference between a plain text e-mailed
UpFront with NGS and an interactive, up-to-the-minute, color version with
photographs, video clips, and a feedback mechanism will dazzle everyone far
beyond that first color TV in the house. NGS continues to move forward into
the twenty-first century with the UpFront blog, and it enables us to bring
you -- NGS members and the public -- the latest society and genealogy
community news, helpful how-to articles, educational tools, and more."
For a limited time, NGS will continue to e-mail the monthly newsletter as
it has in the past. This will give readers a chance to try out the new blog
format at their leisure. At the same time, NGS will be able to refine the
blog's operation and design. Subscribers will be notified in the final
e-mail version when the move to the blog is complete. That issue will include a
reminder to either bookmark the UpFront blog in your browser (or add it as
a "favorite" web page) or add it to your favorite RSS newsreader. In
addition, events and reunions will be consolidated in the existing Events and
Reunions pages of the NGS website, which will continue to post those items for
NGS members. As always, everyone will be able to view those pages. In
addition, the UpFront blog will remain free to everyone. You can find it online
at _ ( .
NGS appreciates your continued readership and looks forward to welcoming
you to this new era of online communication.
Comment by Dick Eastman: The NGS UpFront Blog will be edited by Pam
Cerutti who has been editing the UpFront e-mail newsletter for some time. I will
point out that Pam Cerutti has also edited Eastman's Online Genealogy
Newsletter for more than thirteen years. In 2004, she also won the NGS annual
competition for best family association newsletter. At that time, she edited
the Morse Society Newsletter and, under her guidance, that newsletter was
awarded the "Best Family Newsletter Award" by the National Genealogical
Society. She later was invited to become editor of the NGS' UpFront newsletter.

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