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From: "Betty" <>
Subject: [Q-R] Massachusetts Deaths, 1950's, 1960's
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 10:05:30 -0400


One of my frustrations is not being able to find out "where" some people
died in MA (US) in 1950's or 1960's.

One of my long-time researches is on the HUTCHINSON and CROSBY ancestors
involving Cambridge, MA, area. Carleton HUTCHINSON died in 1962, I
believe. The SSDI shows no town or city mentioned. He moved around in
New England, so I was surprised that he spent his last days in MA.

But, in regards to my KERR and HENDERSON family group from Argenteuil
County, as I've mentioned before, Robert and Elizabeth (HENDERSON) KERR
first moved their family to Compton County. Their oldest son came down to
Boston ~1874, and one sister followed a couple yrs. later. Then the
parents and the 2 youngest sons came down to join them. William, the
oldest, married in 1876 near Boston, and his sister, Mary, married near
Boston a few yrs. later. The 2 younger brothers, Robert and Joseph,
married near Boston, but soon moved from Everett, MA, to Everett, WA.
They both lost their wives but remained in the area. But, in the obituary
for Robert ~1950, it showed that Joseph had returned to MA. Those
"1950's" are a hard time to research. I have no idea where Joseph lived,
especially since he would have been around 80. The 1950's is before SSDI
time, so I have no idea where he died.

I need to get over to the Woodlawn Cemetery in Everett, MA, and locate the
gravesite for Robert and Elizabeth KERR. The "office" is difficult to
deal with, so I need to go there in person. I'm hoping the records will
show that other relatives are buried with them. They both died near Boston
in 1904 and 1902, and their son, William, died unexpectedly there in 1905.
He is buried near his wife's family in the next city, Malden, MA.

Betty (near Lowell, MA, USA)

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