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From: Mona Andrée Rainville <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Marriage Location Question
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2009 11:44:34 -0500
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Hello Andy,

This question occurs often on this list. My uderstanding is that no
parish record has been found but that another document concerning their
marriage, most likely their marriage contract, was found to have been
drawn up in Quebec.

Of course, that alone doesn't prove they were married, and only when
additional proof is available, for example the baptismal records of
children, can it be verified the couple was in fact married.

At such point, the PRDH indicates the year of the marriage contract, and
not knowing the precise location of the marriage, they simply indicate
it was somewhere in Quebec.

I'm sure Bertrand Desjardins will pipe in with more details if he sees
your question.



Andy Scott wrote:
> Morning,
> In the PRDH it is sometime shown that marriages occurred in “Québec” My
> question is what would the church parish be [Roman Catholic] that would have
> made these records? If there is a church parish, why is it not named by the
> Andy Scott

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