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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Birth Pierre BOIVIN 1835 Baie-St-Paul - why were peopleunable to sign?
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2008 00:21:16 -0800
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Thanks you very much for the translation, it really enlightens me as to how
these entries have been written.

Why would people be unable to sign? On these two pages of 6 entries one
person signed any of the entries. Were people that unable to sign their

BTW The signature of the priest has a "ptre", is that "Father"?

John Romein

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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Birth Pierre BOIVIN 1835 Baie-St-Paul - need help reading

Le six juillet mil huit cent trente cinq, nous soussigné, prêtre curé de la
Baie St Paul, avons baptisé Pierre, né avant hier, du légitime mariage de
Didace Boivin, cultivateur du lieu et de Thérèse Gagnon.
Parrain, Pierre Auclaire, marraine, Esther Lajoie, qui, ainsi que le père,
n'ont su signer.

/s/ B B Decoigne, ptre

On the sixth of July, eighteen hundred thirty five, I, undersigned, parish
priest of Baie St Paul, baptised Pierre, born the day before yesterday, of
the legitimate marriage of Didace Boivin, farmer of this place, and of
Therese Gagnon. Godfather, Pierre Aucliaire, godmother, Esther Lajoie, who,
as well as the father, were unable to sign.

/s/ B B Decoigne, ptre

Fr John L

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Subject: [Q-R] Birth Pierre BOIVIN 1835 Baie-St-Paul - need help reading

I need help making out some information from the following birth

The info I have is:

Pierre Boivin, born 06 June 1835 in Baie St Paul, Quebec.
Parents: Didace Boivin (farmer) and Therese Gagnon

Questions: From
what I can read, Pierre was baptized on 06 July 1835. I believe sometimes
the actual birth date is noted but I cannot make out where in this. I cannot
make out the God Parents names.

Can someone translate?

John Romein
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