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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Ouch!! Translation Please - Marriage Record of LouisLefort and Marie Cantara
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 14:44:13 -0500
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YAMASKA 1823 Drouin 17/45

L'an mil huit cent vingt trois le douze de mai apres la publication de
trois bans de mariage faite au prone de cette paroisse et de Sorelle
par trois dimanches consecutifs entre les personnes de Louis Lefort,
cultivateur, fils majeur de Louis Lefort et de Theotiste Vignola, ses
pere et mere, de la paroisse de Sorelle, d'une part, et de Marie
Cantara, fille mineure de Michel Cantara, cultivateur, et de Josephe
Arelle, ses pere et mere, de cette paroisse, d'autre part, ne s'etant
trouve aucun empechement ni opposition ainsi qu'il parait par le
certificat de Monsieur Kelly, cure de Sorelle, les parents des parties
ayant consenti au mariage, j'ai recu le mutuel consentement de mariage
de l'epoux [sic] et leur ai donne la benediction nuptiale avec les
ceremonies prescrites par la Sainte Eglise, en presence pour l'epoux de
Baptiste Lefort, son frere, et d'Augustin Morin, et pour l'epouse, de
Michel Cantara, son pere, et de Louis Arelle, qui ont, ainsi que
l'epouse et l'epoux, declare ne savoir signer.
/s/ P Gilbert

In the year eighteen hundred twenty-three, on the twelfth of May, after
the publication of three banns of marriage done from the pulpit of this
parish and of Sorelle on three consecutive Sundays, between the persons
of Louis Lefort, farmer, adult son of Louis Lefort and of Theotiste
Vignola, his father and mother, of the parish of Sorelle, on the first
part; and of Marie Cantara, minor daughter of Michel Cantara, farmer,
and of Joseph Arelle, her father and mother, of this parish, on the
second part; having found neither impediment or opposition, as it
appears from the certificate of Mr Kelly, parish priest of Sorelle, the
parents of the parties having consented to the marriage; I received the
mutual consent to marriage of the groom (sic) and gave them the nuptial
blessing with the ceremonies prescribed by the Holy Church, in the
presence, for the groom, of Baptiste Lefort, his brother, and of
Augustin Morin; and for the bride, of Michel Cantara, her father, and
of Louis Arelle, who, as well as the bride and groom, declared they
were unable to sign.
/s/ P Gilbert

Fr John L

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Subject: [Q-R] Ouch!! Translation Please - Marriage Record of Louis
Lefort and Marie Cantara


Well, the record from Yamaska on Ancestry is very bad. You'll note the
below that Don provided. I can pick out of the record that it is indeed
May 1823. I can also find that Louis' parents are Louis Lefort and
Theotiste Vignola; but the bride's parents are Michel Cantara and
Arel [Arelle]. It also appears that Marie Cantara is under age, while
is of age. The microfilm copy is very bad. The following is the Ancestry
17&sid=&gskw=&cr=1> &path=Y.Yamaska.1823.17&sid=&gskw=&cr=1

The record can also be found at Family Search pilot:;w=7361;p=3

But aside from it being a record of the same event, it is not the same
document. The family search document is wonderfully better in quality,
provides the brides father's name as Joseph when it states that Marie
is the
minor daughter of; but, interestingly, provides the father's name as
when it provides the witnesses for the bride at the bottom.

This might simply be a discovery education on my part, but what is the
difference between the Family search microfilms and the Drouin on
And the question asked now is, "Is the bride's father's name Joseph, or
Michel? Or, is it Joseph Michel Cantara?"



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Marie CANTARA ..... daughter of Joseph Cantara & Josephte Arel

whom he married 12 May 1823 at St-Michel d'Yamaska

Louis' parents are Louis Lefort & Theotiste Vignola


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