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It reads, in part:

Québec (St-Sauveur) - Drouin Image 3

Marriage on 7 January 1873 of Robert André Jeffrey, widower of Sara Duclos of the parish of Notre Dame de Quebec and Odile Brousseau, daughter of the late Francois Brousseau farmer and of the late Denise Duquette of this parish of the other part, there being no impediment to the marriage and mutual consent received a nuptial benediction was given in the presence of Francois Vezina and Theophile Plante who signed with the bride and the groom.

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> Subject: [Q-R] translation please
> I have one more - I hope I am not asking too much!!
> Thanks for your time and I really appreciate it!!
> Patricia
> 3&indiv=try&gss=pt> &h=13501354&ti=5543&indiv=try&gss=pt
> This marriage is between Robert Jeffery & Odile Brousseau
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