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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Translations
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 23:39:40 -0400
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Riviere Ouelle is a place name. It shouldn't be
translated, but a machine translator doesn't know
that it is a proper name and will translate Riviere to
River and can't translate Ouelle.

There's a translator at as well, but
it's not a whole lot better. It's really not possible
to translate without having some knowledge of
the context of the passage, and a machine just
can't do this. There are also problems with archaic
forms of words & verbs, and figures of speech.
All that being said, you can still get a general idea
of what is written by using the on line translators.

The best thing to do is ask for a translation on the
list. Maybe you could post one each of a baptism,
marriage & burial record, and someone could translate it
sentence by sentence.

Most of the records follow a similar pattern. If you
can get that down, you will probably be able to do them
on your own after a while.

Here is a list of translations to help you out,
posted by Fr. John in Nov of 2007 -

au matin - in the morning
aujourd hui - today
avant hier - day before yesterday
au point du jour - at daybreak
avant hier soir - night before last
apres midi - afternoon
a minuit - at midnight
autrefois - in the past
au jour d'hier - yesterday
ce jour - on that day
ce même jour - the same day
ce matin - this morning
cette nuit - tonight
de nuit - at night
hier - yesterday
hier dans la soirée - yesterday evening
hier soir - yesterday evening
hier matin - yesterday morning
hier avant midi - yesterday before noon
hier au soir - yesterday evening
hier a midi - yesterday noon
il y a huit jours aujourd'hui - a week ago today
il y a 3 jours - 3 days ago
il y a huit jours - 1 week ago
il y a deux ans - 2 years ago
l'avant veille - the day before yesterday
il'autre jour - the other day
la nuit - at night
la nuit derniere - last night
la veille au soir - the night before
le soir - in the evening
le matin - in the morning
le même jour - the same day
le jour même - the very same day
la semaine derniere - the past week
la veille - the day before
la veille au soir - the evening before
la semaine d'avant - the week before
midi - noon
nuit - night
soir - afternoon and evening
pendant la nuit - during the night
six heures du soir - 6 p.m.
hier a une heure du soir - yesterday at 1 in the afternoon
aujourd'hui a neuf heures - today at nine o'clock
neuf heures du matin = 9 a.m. neuf heures du soir = 9 p.m.
depuis six jours - since six days ago
huit du dit mois - 8th of the aforesaid month
de bon matin - early in the morning
la surveille = the day before yesterday
de grand matin = early in the morning


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| Does anyone know of a better place on line to get translations? I don't
care for Alta Vista-Babel Fish.
| In the meantime could someone please translate RIVIERE OUELLE for me?
| Thanks a million.
| Sue Schroeder

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