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Subject: [Q-R] Cemetery Report: May 5,2008- "If a women is buried in black............."
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 19:50:43 EDT

37F/2C at 6:20am and on the road to the area north east of Rome , N.Y. I see
going out today gas is now $3.69 a gallon.

7:37am I arrive at Ritchie Cemetery on Ritchie Road just off of Rt. 365,
this is in the area of Floyd, N.Y.

Calvin Shattuck Born Sept 30, 1819 and died Dec 20, 1886.

There was about 30 graves showing here and not much to comment on.Even
though there is nothing to mention in some of these, its still enjoyable walking
through them. Vacated at 7:42am.

7:51am brings me to Townsend Cemetery on Rote 365 in Stittsville and it was
established in 1814.

And the first catch of the day in this cemetery is..............
Margaret Bass Born Sept 20, 1909 and died Dec 19, 1982.

Dorothy Brush Bowdish Born Sept 11, 1922 and died June 3, 2007.

And continuing with death mythology......................
"When a good life was lived, flowers will grow on the deceased's grave. But
if the deceased was evil,weeds will grow."

Sarah Stocking 1884-1982(P)

Wettie A. Kent adopted daughter of Azariah H. & Wealthy A. Raymer died March
2, 1866 age 22 years.

Tirzah T. Trowbridge died Sept 2, 1865 age 84 years.

Moss E. Kent 1816-1888.

Stutely & Stutley Wescott Born June 15, 1823 and died May 23, 1865.(<
Stutely was on the front of the stone and Stutley was on the back of the same
stone. So you can see how easily stone carvers errors can occur also errors from
false, but not intentional, wrong information given to the stone carver.)

Robert D. Yaple 1912-1992( a Yaple a day keeps the doctor

Jirah Martin Born Dec 22, 1804 and died Oct 11, 1890.

Porter E. Buell Born June 14, 1828 and died May 8, 1905.

Chauncey J. Pentland 1893-1953.

Melancton Raymer 1812-1892.

Spencer Davis(Group< that was a name of a rock band if 'ya didn't know) Born
May 16, 1849 and died Oct 6, 1903.

Sprague(< that's my wifes maiden name) H. Record 1858-1928.

Belief in the necessity for a death watch(wake) was based on an ancient
superstition.It was believed demons would carry away the soul of the recently
deceased unless a living person was present 24/7 until a proper burial had been
given But, there was even a more natural motivation for the death watch.
Sometimes rats would be attracted to a poorly preserved body. So the person
"watching" might have to do rodent duty also..............

Gurdon J. Pride 1867-1952.(P)

William G. Spence U.S. Navy 1840-1911 Civil War. (Prior to the Civil
War 'ya had the Revolutionary War and the start of the Marines. But did 'ya
know why they were called leather necks during the Revolution and right up until
today? They actually wore leather straps,coverings and collars, concealing
and protecting their neck from swords & cutlasses, thus, leather necks. So,
this William Spence could have been a leather neck)

Almeron B. Record 1848-1928.

Mainzie L. Ellis 1896-1956.

Walter G. Fear 1872-1949(P)

Califerna Davis 1860-1947.

Walked 1.2 miles in this "Destination Unknown Depot" and vacated at 9:18am.

9:26am brings me to Holland Patent Cemetery Established 1796.

Cadwalader Roberts Borm Sept 1804 and died March 5, 1887.

Robert Roberts(< more parent humour) 1840-1909.

The weather report had stated warm and not a cloud in the sky for
today.................I had to find one.........
Grace B. Cloud 1894-1936(P)

Roll D. Rowland(< think this is more parent humour) 1876-1951.

Rulin Rowland 1832-1904.

Sanford T. Peabody died Sept 24, 1878 age 74 years.(Do 'ya remember Mr.

"It is bad luck to meet a funeral procession head on"

Etta M. Clapp 1844-1931.

Lumon H. Clapp Born Dec 20, 1811 and died Jan 27, 1825.

Francis Guiteau Born March 24, 1825 and died Aug 9, 1872.

Joseph Halstead Revolutionary Soldier 1758-1845.

George W. Bagg died Oct 21, 1894 age 70 years 3 months and 16 days.(He was
really an old bag...........)

Eliza Knibloe died Feb 13, 1865 age 31 years 2 months and 22 days.

Anstiss Olin Born Nov 28, 1799 and died Oct 31, 1829.

Orris B. Tripp Born April 27, 1838 and died March 6, 1914.

ingham Townsend died March 27, 1888 age 84 years.

"Seeing a white chicken on your way to a funeral brings bad luck"
......cant say I've ever seen a white chicken at anytime..............

William J. Babcock died Jan 14, 1884 age 72 years 6 months and 21 days
Anna Hiscox died April 4, 1887 age 82 years 25 days.

Rev. R. F. Cleveland died Oct 1, 1853 age 49 years
Ann Neal died July 19, 1852(< these two are the parents of Grover Cleveland
President of the United States, this is where he was from) (P)

Elipalet S. Cotes died Jan 7, 1874 age 74 years and 22 days.

Harriet E. Guiteau Born Dec 16, 1823 and died June 16, 1906.

Semantha Roberts Born at Middletown, Connecticut Feb 3, 1793 and died Feb
17, 1831 age 38 years and 14 days.

ithai Thomson died March 25, 1856 age 74 years.

Eliphalet Pierce died Aug 1, 1852 age 86 years.

Elizabeth DeAngelis died Jan 21, 1851 age 77 years 10 months and 6 days.

Mr. Seth Johnson Born at Middletown, Connecticut Nov 2, 1767 and died Dec 8,

Hepsibath Cande died April 3, 1859 age 77 years 7 months and 14 days.

Mr Noble King died Aug 24, 1811 age 83 years.Satira Brwoning(< which I'll
guess and say that might be a stone carver error and the name should be
Browning?) 1797-1859.

Alma E. Popple 1852-1920.

Here's a coicindence. in Country and Western Music there were two big names
Yocum and Whittaker. Here are two stones facing each other by those names.

Charlotte Fyhr Lewis 1915-2004 Born at Brockton, Massachusetts
Olive Gerow-Charles 1900-1970.

"If a women is buried in black, she will return to haunt the family"

Perwerth O. Jones 1853-1932.

Jean B. Charbonneau 1919- _ _ _ _ .

Albert L. Trueblood 1927-1958(P)

W. Ray Charbonneau 1888-1968.

" If rain falls on a corpse, the deceased will go to heaven"

Walked 2.9 miles in this "Eternal Prairie", which was very nicely kept up,
by the way and vacated at 12:41pm.

12:47pm brings me to Olden Cemetery in Barneveld on Rt. 37.

James Douch died April 16, 1872 age 54 years (P).

Samuel Douglas Sr. Born at Springfield, Massachusetts Sept 19, 1774 and died
June 10, 1839.

Henry J. Watchers 1848-1925.

Richard Betts Born at Newtown, Long island died Jan 24, 1850 age 90 years
and 7 months.

William Saltar Born Jan 1, 1757 and died Feb 13, 1853 age 96 years.

Col. Adam G. Mapa died May 15, 1828 aged 73 years, agent of the Holland
Anna Adrian Mappa consort of Col. Adam G. Mappa Born Feb 29, 1762 and died
Oct 3, 1814 age 62 years 7 months and 4 days.(<Notice the two different
spellings of Mapa)

Pvt. Alexander Frazier, 2nd N.Y. Militia War of 1812 died 1887.

Emma Joy died Nov 28, 1845 age 2 months.

Jeptha B. Robbins adopted son of Julius and Sarah Wolcott died Sept 7, 1898
age 37 years.

Selah Blinn died May 8, 1847 age 59 years.

"Thunder following a funeral means that the dead persons soul has reached

ione M. Skiff 1855-1937.

Clara Pettibone Jones 1883-1968.

Keturah Post died Dec 2, 1884 age 85 years 6 months and 19 days.

Perry Philleo Born Feb 19, 1826 and died April 27, 1869.

James Douglas Born at West Springfield, Massachusetts Aug 29, 1778 and died
Oct 10, 1851 age 73 years 1 month and 11 days
Catharine Billings Born at New London, Connecticut March 20, 1783 and died
Feb 11, 1810 age 32 years 10 months and 21 days.

Catharine Waldo Born at Pittsfield, Massachusetts March 17, 1791 and died
March 23, 1878 age 87 years and 6 days.

Edith M. Douglas Born at Quebec Canada Aug 11, 1872 and died at New York
City June 17, 1965.

Helancthon Loyd Woolsey died June 19, 1819 age 62 years, Revolutionary

Robert L. Guiteau 1855-1936.

Mary O. Broadwell (< I'll be the judge of that) 1863-1937.

Pitkim Sperry died Jan 11, 1867 age 68 years and 2 months.

Roger Dicker 1840-1907.

Capt. Phineas Cary Born at Windham, Connecticut died Oct 29, 1824
Revolutionary War Soldier.

Irving A. Birdsall died at Washington, D.C. of wounds received, Civil War
,Jan 1, 1863 age 23 years.

Child Coranation WW1, Myth in Uncle Sams pocket, Your International Royal
Majesty, Wanda Betty Maynard 1914-1998. (< If anyone knows what all that
means, let me know)

Rease Arthur 1898-1922.

Mae Sack May 1, 1926(P)

Picked up 1 flag and walked 1.4 miles in this "Threshold of the Unseen" and
vacated at 2:34pm.

2:43pm brings me to Evergreen Cemetery in Barneveld on Old Poland Rd. off of
Rt. 12.

Zeona M. Collins 1886-1946.

Frances E. Thro 1867-1954.

Luther Guitteau M.D.Born May 3, 1805 and died June 13, 1865.

Griffith E. Griffiths(< more parent humour) Born July 4, 1832 and died April
9, 1913.

Elisher Coffin 1829-1903.

Two deer just popped out of the woods, just walking casually along.

Gould S. Siliman 1834-1915.

Betty Bone 1916-1994(P)

" You will have bad luck, if you don't stop the clock in the room where
someone dies" (< sounds like killing time to me.....................)

William A. Paquette 1863-1921
Cidulie Clement 1861-1918 buried at Katevale, Canada.

Walked 1.2 miles in this "Mortal Parts Park" and vacated at 3:56pm.

4:05pm brings me to Prospect Cemetery on Acadamy(< their spelling) St. in
Prospect, N.Y.

Edward E. Huckabone 1873-1922.

Roy H. Waghorn 1895-1959.

Isaac N. Orcutt Co. L, 2nd N.Y. Hvy. Art'y. Born June 8, 1844 and died
Feb 11, 1915.

Lusina Mapes 1832-1904.

Uoseph(< first one of those I've seen or a stone cutters error and that U
should have been a J?) Bousfield 1861-1935.

Alexander Pirnie 1820-1900.

Eugene Peronneau Roundey(< I think I found a flatey in the
past..............) Born Sept 19, 1874 and died May 23, 1953.

Charles John Devel 1878-1952.

Mindret Harris died Oct 31, 1875 age 79 years 5 months and 5 days.

Remember that real bad guy from WW2?.....................................
Rudolph Hess 1846-1914.(P)

Abby G. Pitman Born at New London, Connecticut Aug 11, 1806 and died Oct 9,

Elnathan Coonradt Born Aug 12, 1842 and died April 9, 1848.

Algenon A. Jones Born Nov 23, 1849 and died Jan 3, 1923.

Kuffin Lewis died June 27, 1847 age 37 years.

Eliza Crosby Bimpele 1843-1916.

Denison Coates died May 11, 1843 age 56 years.

Orange Morgan died Oct 15, 1857 age 72 years and 1 day.

Andrew Cady Born at Preston. Connecticut Jan 17, 1768 and died March 21,

Polly Winegar died April 10, 1865 age 73 years.

Elam Perkins Born Jan 23, 1800 and died Nov 28, 1866.

Robert W. Nuttall Born Aug 4, 1850 and died March 16, 1894.

Lucinda Barker Born at Westfield, Massachusetts Feb 20, 1`792 and died Oct
29, 1884.

Spicer Butterfield died Feb 5, 1854 age 7 years and 2 months.

Mary J. Spall 1877-1937.

Ida A. Dye 1859-1945(P)

Zettie Dewey 1858-1926.

Edwin J. Geroux 1907-1975.

Lynn E. Delaware 1906-1954(P)

Lizzie Naylor Emmons Jan 27, 1856 and died June 2, 1940(P).

Leonas D. Lefebvre 1897-1956.

Twila Fox Barham 1907-2000.

"If a hearse stops while passing your house, it will choose its next victim
from your house".

Floyd F. Flike Sgt. US Army WW2 Born May 17, 1905 and died March 13, 1975.

Augustus J. Odit 1846-1913.

Arthur J. Gauthier N.Y. PFC Co. C 102nd Ammo Train Born June 30, 1900
and died June 22, 1965.

Douglas V. Talcott age 1 day.

John H. Lalonde 1873-1924.

John R. Gregory , Radio Pilot, US Navy, WW2, ashes buried in Clay, N.Y.(<
just a very few miles from me) 1920-1989.

"If the coffee grinds in the bottom of a cup forms a long straight
line,anticipate a funeral"(< I take it, that's probably a dead

Walked 3.5 miles and picked up 2 flags in this "Depository of No
Withdrawals" and vacated at 7:30pm.

Home by 8:50pm after another great day with the

Bill Gave me 10.2 miles walking for the day.

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