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Subject: [Q-R] Cemetery Report: April 6,2008 " as not to cause an international incident."
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 19:42:35 EDT

Left the garage at 7:26am and at a temp. of 34F. Stopped for the two coffees
to go and arrived back at Onondaga Valley Cemetery at 7:59am to finish up
this "Garden of the Dead" from where I had left off a few days ago. I wont give
you the directions again as it hasn't moved since I was here and you already
read that a few days ago :) .
Its clear , sunny and chilly but supposed to warm up nicely later.
Now to find my place where I had left off last time. I use a stone marker
verses a book mark....................LOL

Almeron Powell 1897-1968.

Sylvester Sax 1884-1976 (P)

Pansy D. Mills 1901-1974 "Mother to All" (P)

Lyman E. Worlock Jr. 1892-1947 (P).

For all of those who have joined the list since last cemetery season, to
explain a few things. I try not to use the word cemetery any more than I have
to, so I make up other words or phrases to use in its place.
(P)= it has been photographed.
I make fun of everything and everyone including myself.
The names and words and dates are as they are found on the headstone, so you
will see at times some strange spellings, dates and years.
I don't make the names up.
And, as it has happened already so many times, Cemetery records and or
Parish Registers for cemeteries are not 100% correct nor do they list every name
that is there.
I have already found many headstones of people who the cemetery offices have
claimed are not buried in their cemetery. This does not apply to only
cenotaphs. Many of you have already benefited by these finds.
But I don't list all residents in every cemetery. I list funny/odd names,
bad spellings, odd/funny epitaphs,all kinds of things that may happen to me
while there, things I hear , see ,smell, animals< when in
season...............LOL, 'kinda something out of the norm. I take photos of all the odd names and
you'll see that by the (P). I try to advise the whole list of upcoming
cemetery trips be they one day or one week. Yes I will keep my eye open for any
names you may be looking for in any cemetery or area. But, please try to be
reasonable............any questions you have concerning the cemetery reports,
feel free to write direct to me concerning them.

Joseph Floor 1877-1949 (P)

Leah Puddy 1875-1955.(P)

Alfred i. Tupper 1890-1946.(P)

Maylon B. Dean 1875-1953.

Wava B. Ransear 1901-1969< I wava to her, but she didn't wava back to

Charles Allen Ferguson Born Oct 14, 1933 and died Dec 31, 1933 "Better late
than never brother". (P)

Harold S. Smith Navigator-Hells Angels, 8th Air Force, Missing in action,
Oranienburg, Germany April 10, 1945 age 20 years. Cenotaph (P)

Muril C. Gore 1890-1968 (P)

Colonel A. Ross 1878-1974.< Colonel is his first name, not his rank.

Hannah Morse daughter of Frankling and Bridget Peck and wife of Rev. Abner
Morse, Born at Rhinebeck, N.Y. March 4, 1811 and died Aug 29, 1842, age 31
years. < on the opposite side of the stone her fathers name was spelled as
Franklin.< stone carvers error.....................

To the memory of J. W. Brewster M.D. who departed this life in the hope of a
glorious immortality Sept 6, 1849 born at Lebanon, Ct. Feb 23, 1764.

Anzonette Cotton Born March 24, 1819 and died June 22, 1894.

Increase M. Hooker died Sept 18, 1847 age 83 years.

Morehouse Hickok Born Nov 3, 1787 and died Jan 28, 1832
Ruhamah Hickok Born Sept 14, 1788 and died Dec 17, 1863.

Solva Brintnall Born at Brookfield, Mass. Dec 1, 1783 and died June 1, 1867
Betsey Stannard Born at Kittingworth, Conn. Dec 5, 1784 and died March 8,

Mary Handwright died Aug 7, 1858 age 27 years 10 months and 12 days.

Asa Danforth, called the father of Onondaga County, the 2nd white settler,
Born Worcester, Mass. July 6, 1740 and died at Onondaga Hollow Sept 2, 1818,
Participated in the Battle of Lexington, aquired(<a little stone carver error-
acquired) the rank of Capt. & Major. Later organized the Militia of Onondaga
County with the title of Maj. Gen. (In Syracuse there is a street named
Danforth Street and going back a few blocks and following Rt. 173 to the east
close to a mile and up the hill is a sign for Onondaga Hollow.)

Ella Caroline Dodge Diefendorf Born Sept 18, 1847 and died June 11,
1936...................................and he's down again.....................this
is a good cemetery, I just fell in again, I'm almost up to my waist. I feel
like a midget................Ella just isn't my type. I left a good hole at
this one also. I drop in and no one offers leg 'gotta
little chewed up on that one. 4-(P)

Lucy wife of Hon. Solomon Reed of Rowe, Mass. died June 25, 1867 age 80s.

Rosalie S. Northway wife of Joseph B. Longstreet died Dec 15, 1864 age 28

Now I'm getting an extremely loud pecking in a tree above my head. And there
it is a pileated woodpecker and when this variety pecks, its in the extra
loud fashion, as they get up to 19 1/2' long. Its like comparing a hammer to a
jack hammer. Regular size woodpecker to a pileated woodpecker. Heavy duty and
loud. I'm familiar with this variety only because we occasionally get one or
two in our back yard.

Amanda King Whippo died Sept 10, 1898 age 61 years 2 months and 6 days.

John Wadman 1811-1865.

If your wondering about these cemeteries I'm doing right now, these are kind
of ,warm up/back in shape/ finishing loose ends. Have to try and build up my
tolerance for walking all day and making pain pills work to my advantage for
the great cover up and also be able to function and to finish up parts of
cemeteries in the area that never got finished.
So these starting reports are shorter all the way around. Its almost like
permanent sciatica the past two weeks amongst the rest of the problems.

John Hazzard Born Sept 2, 1823 and died April 9, 1906.

Ruhamah E. Wells Born Dec 15, 1894 and died Sept 9, 1898.

Laetitia Donne 1883-1977.

Shurben Kinyon 1857-1943.

Harrison H. Born Aug 4, 1887 and died Aug 5, 1888, son of Benjamin and
Grace Beach, <now, you all should remember this makes him a son of a
beach.........................had to get that in here at least once this year :)

Esther E. Hodge wife of Edwin S. Adams Born at Hadley. Mass. 1808 and died
March 26, 1882, age 73 years.

Pussy Willows are popping out with they're fuzzy buds, which I'm seeing as I
walk along . They may get fooled this coming weekend as they have already
mentioned snow in the forecast.

Western O. Green died March 24, 1909 age 70 years.

And yes, as I have been asked, people who are new to the cemetery reports.
when I say I dropped into a grave, I really mean I dropped into a grave. Its
really not unusual and I've done it many times.But they have always been much
older graves, nothing modern, but in these older ones there is nothing
remaining other than some old, rotted, punky wood at best, once in a while traces of
cloth, some hair and a skeleton. And that always present, blast of old
rotted air that blasts up into my face as I drop down into the grave. And
basically its a earth/rotted wood smell and usually over a hundred years
old............LOL Here's the scenario, back then , no backhoe to dig the grave, its
all by hand. So, they may not be as deep as the old saying of 6' under. Makes
sense to me. They may also be stacked. Yep, I know you cant do that and
shouldn't do that, but then again, your not supposed to break the speed limit or
shot or kill people, but it still happens both north and south of the
border.What is law or what is supposed to be and what actually happens is two
entirely different things.Yes, I hate to inform you, but people cheat, then, now
and in the future. But again, there are some that do stick to the rules. But,
back to the grave. Yes, I usually do look around once I've fallen in. But I
dont touch anything. When I get out, I usually apologize for dropping in, hey,
'ya never know and I'm covering all the bases. And then I continue on after a
photo or two........................they're usually showing their teeth but
if that's a smile or not, I really don't know....................its hard to
tell without lips....................

Wheaton J. Bostwick 1853-1924.

Clara M. Doll < was she? , 1887-1967 (P)

Hellen __________(< yes Helen is spelled a bit differently and she had no
last name) 1880-1943 "No More Pain".

A nuthatch just above my head on a branch. I think they must be born upside
down. As they seem to like eating upside down and everything else that way
when they have the opportunity to do whatever right side up...............

Lillian E. Lightbody 1894-1970 (P)

Emile La Liberte 1916-1978.

Bessie M. Barfoot 1890-1978.(P)

Charles F. Amish 1888-1954(P)

Howard S. Nims 1898-1973.(P)

Majesta B. Eddy 1866-1931.

Ida Tufts 1873-1926.(P)

Anjanette Dearman 1852-1932.(P)

Arthur N. Emmons 1898-1993(P)

John M. Ruhe 1854-19_ _ .

Dorothy E. Hunt Clapper 1895-1972(P)(< remember that commercial, "clap on,
clap off, the clapper? well, Dorothy has now clapped off..................)

James W. Heels N.Y. CPL. US Marine Corps WW2 Born June 29, 1926 and
died Nov 12, 1968 (P)

Yuetive A. Eipp 1920-1975.

Paul Champlain 1812-1883. (P)

Just saw my first butterfly for the season.

Pvt. Wells F. Vine 261st Inf. 1923-1944.

Harold B. Killmore WW1 Born March 12, 1885 and died Dec 28, 1926.

Rosman C. Fancher 1869-1927.

George A. Place 1876-1926(P)

Allamay P. Blaker 1904-1990.

Picked up 37 flags and 7 flowers. Walked 6.2 miles in this "Final Landscape"
and vacated at 2:43pm.

Back down Valley Drive to Rt 173 and left and up the hill until I come to
Rt.175 and make a right turn and go about 1 block and come to Walnut Grove
Cemetery. This place is in rough shape, no abandoned but not taken care of either.

Lodoiska Soule died Sept 24, 1875.

Herbert A. Magoon 1878-1950.

Yost F. Marty 1887-1960.

Dempster W. Case 1879-1930.

Florence Broad 1904-1999.

Nye O. Torrey 1860-1925.

Augusta Trefflich 1855-1921.

Pvt. Henry E. Makyes Co. 1, 308th Inf. Born Feb 6, 1896, Killed in action
Battle of Vesle, France Sept 10, 1918.

Thomas Moxey 1855-1922 (P)

Farnum Smith died April 11, 1905 age 89 years.

Picked up 4 wooden crosses that were all knocked down and close together.

Tryphena Bailey 1810-1873.

Edward Ongley 1789-1853.

J. Holland Johnson Jr., Killed in action at the Battle of Lookout
Mountain(Civil War) Nov 24, 1863 age 25 years.( An incident comes to mind that was kind
of odd and funny during the Civil War at Gettysburg. The town of Gettysburg
was also getting shelled by both sides, for the most part unintentionally.
Every time a shell hit the village a Priest named Father Costello would raise
the British flag from the steeple of the church. Both sides artillery gunners
would see the British flag and then try and divert they're fire, so as not to
cause an international incident.)

Yost Yenny 1863-1940.

Dr. Erastuss B. Phillips Born at Dalton, Mass. Dec 8, 1816 and died May 16,

Albro T. Doud died Sept 20, 1862 age 50 years and 11 months.

Archy Kasson died May 25, 1854 age 21 years.

George Bloomingdale 1832-1927.

Royal White died May 10, 1871 age 71 years 8 months and 26 days.

Homes Case died April 1, 1877 age 80 years.(P)

Picked up 47 flags and 1 flower and walked 2.2 miles in this "Compost
Garden" and vacated at 4:48pm.

Got home at 5:15pm.

Another great day with the dead.............................

Bill 8.4 miles for the day................................

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