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HI Linnie,

I just noticed this morning that you mentioned Chicopee, MA. Are you
related to the JARRY family at all ? I've heard that some relatives
still live in your area.

Or, are you related to the BEDELL cousins in your area? (No Canadian
ancestor that I know of.) My grandfather, Silas Dean LEWIS, had 2 sets of
step-children. There were 4 BEDELL children; as adults, one of them
changed their last name to LEWIS. Two of the sisters moved away, but the
son remained in the Springfield area.

I can tell a short story about my step-cousins. I had posted some queries
about my grandfather's 2nd wife on the Lists and Boards maybe 5-6 years ago.
About 3 years ago, one of the BEDELL grandchildren saw my posting on a Board
and e-mailed me. Then her cousin did. To make a long story short, my
husband and I drove out to the Springfield area 2 summers ago to -meet- my
step-cousins. These 2 sets of cousins hadn't seen each other for many
years, so they were having a reunion, and they invited me. We have been
corresponding ever since. And, they knew practically nothing about their
grandmother, Hazel (my grandfather's 2nd wife), so I started researching
their family-tree for them ! They were amazed at what I was able to find !
They had cousins they didn't know about. They had only met their
grandfather once and didn't know he had a brother with many children.
(Grandparents had divorced early.) And, they didn't know about an uncle !
Hazel had an early baby in New Brunswick, and this McAVOUR (sp?) young boy
became a "family secret." They were told he had drowned in New Brunswick
as a boy. He did not !

And, last summer something very nice happened. I had written a letter to
one of Yvonne's adult children still living in Yvonne's home. I found out
about 6 months later that the lady had died. Her best friend saw my letter
and decided to write to tell me. She was also given the challenge of
cleaning out the house to get it ready to be sold. In the basement was a
"hope chest." It turned out to be a "chest" my grandfather had given to
Hazel (the 2nd wife) and he had kept it after he remarried to Yvonne.
(Hazel had died in the 1940's and I was very young at the time.) My
BEDELL step-cousin WANTED that chest, and I made arrangements for her to go
retrieve it. In the chest -- was my grandfather's wallet ! He died in
the 1960's. In addition to the usual wallet items, she found an old
picture from her family.

Have a pleasant weekend ! Becareful ..shoveling.. this morning ! I
hear we got 7 to 9 inches yesterday ! I haven't gone out to see it, yet
! :o)


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