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Subject: [Q-R] The Serenity Panel: Your Solar-Powered Tombstone Has Arrived
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 14:41:40 EST

The Serenity Panel: Your Solar-Powered Tombstone Has Arrived

Don’t believe for a moment that graveyards are immune to the march of
technological progress. While the concept of embedding a video player into a
tombstone has been around for a few years, this is the first full-fledged roll-out I
’ve seen in the market. It’s called the Serenity Panel — and for about
$2,000 on top of your standard $5,000-$8,000 tombstone — you can have a
solar-powered, 7” screen that plays music, video, and pictures. There’s even a
head-phone jack to limit your groove from beyond the grave to inquiring ears only.
4 hours of sunshine will be enough to play a 10 minute video about six times.

But there are other issues besides the price — like which way will the
tombstone face, since the player is solar powered. “If the stone is under a tree,
it is not going to work very well. If the stone is faced to the west instead
of the east or north instead of the south, it is not going to charge as well,”
Summers said.
Of course, don’t expect your send-off to last for all eternity. Current life
expectancy of the Serenity Panel is only 15 years; which is probably enough
to communicate your last wishes over Wind Beneath My Wings. But seriously, do
the world a favor and forget about investing in this junk. In fact, put your
money somewhere else — a charity, a family member’s trust fund for college,
a random person in need. Buy yourself a plot in a green cemetery and leave
your body to become a part of something bigger. Those actions will go a long
way to cementing your legacy than some $2,000 LCD panel.

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