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From: Mona Rainville <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] DNA testing and question regarding belief not an exactscience
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 15:32:30 -0500
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Hi Fran,

Further to my other comment.

DNA material which comes from the mitochodria rather than the nucleus of
a human cell, is a clone of the DNA material carried by the mother, and
her mother, and heer mother - barring the occasional mutation, each of
which gives rise to a different haplogroup.

Unlike nuclear DNA material, which is a recombination of half of the DNA
material of dad and half of the DNA material from mom, MtDNA is passed
down to the next generation unchanged.

This makes for large chunck of population who belong to the same
haplogroup. Large groups are good when you need to reference a sample.
So, by and large, if a DNA test tells you you come from Europe because
that is where the haplogroup you belong to was first observed, then, you
probably do come from Europe.

But, tell me. Did you not know that your French ancestors, being from
France, came from Europe...?

Also, the fact that a haplogroup is first observed in Europe does not
necessarily exclude the possibility of a North American native
ancestry. For example, we know that many natives took part in fisheries
alongside their French counterparts, and that many of them migrated to

As for forensic DNA testing, it is like comparing apples and oranges.
Both are fruits, but that's where it stops. Though the manner of
extraction of DNA is similar, what is looked at and how it is looked at
is very different.



Frances LaChance wrote:
> Mona et all;
> Are you saying that if we get a MtDNA reading which states that we
> come from a "European" Haplogroup that I cannot take this as 'proof'
> of my heritage?
> I am more interested in our Acadian roots, where there is one person
> from whom we descend who may/may not be Native American. My uncle
> would have to be the one to have the test done as my MtDNA, and my
> brother's, would take me back to England, then who knows where in
> Europe then back to Africa - where everyone began.
> If it's so iffy, how are convicted criminals being exonerated because
> of DNA testing?
> Curious,
> Fran

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