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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Martin Cote and Suzanne Paget
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Darrell, You are forgetting that in that day and age girls got married a lot
earlier that they do now. One of the reasons for that is that women died
frequently in childbirth or some other desease and thay were a lot more
mature than our little girls are now. As a result men would take a younger
girl thinking that she would have a better chance of survival. Now that's
my opinion but logically it makes sence. Fran
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Subject: [Q-R] Martin Cote and Suzanne Paget

> Hi:
> I'm replying to a message I got from RootsWeb although I'm not subscribed
> to the list. I am also sending it to the list so the admin can choose
> whether to post it.
> I think you may need to reverse your thinking a bit. The assumption that
> is implicit in your questions is that Martin and Suzanne were "connected"
> *before* she started living with Martin and his mother. It is just as
> possible -- in fact in may be more likely -- that Suzanne moved in before
> she and Martin started down the road to matrimony. That is, she might have
> been a servant or other kind of domestic help; or she might have been part
> of a family that could not support her, and she was taken in by Martin's
> family; or any one of quite a few other scenarios that have her arrival in
> the family predate Martin's interest in her (or vice versa). If you think
> in *those* terms, a young man falls for a precocious 12 year old who is
> living with his family, as opposed to wondering why his betrothed had
> already moved in with him, then I think many of your doubts can be laid to
> rest.
> Put in another way, Suzanne's moving in with Martin and his mother may
> have been the *cause* of their eventual marriage, not an *effect* of that
> marriage.
> Of course, all this is speculation. More evidence of any kind would be
> really nice. Absent that, though, I just don't see anything happening here
> that is all that unusual. Only Suzanne's age raises eyebrows, and the
> blunt fact is she would not have been the youngest girl ever to make a
> hasty leap into adulthood, for whatever reason and whether or not the
> church and society approved of how it happened; not by a long shot.
> Darrell
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>>Hi father John L.,
>>Thanks for the confirmation. We are set there - you and I are have
>>agreement with Suzanne's and Martin's birth and marriage dates BUT here is
>>the snag (as I see it):
>>The 1667 census from the PRDH shows:
>>1. Martin Cote and Suzanne Paget living with Martin's mother (PRESUMABLY
>>Martin and Suzanne would be MARRIED if living together with his mother BUT
>>maybe not) and
>>2. the census has their ages listed as 27 and 12 which doesn't make sense
>>if the ages were 28 and 13 when they were MARRIED and ASSUMING they were
>>already married when living with Martin's mother.
>>My Conclusion: So the census data doesn't make sense to me unless I
>>ASSUME that the census was taken in early April 1667 before both Martin's
>>and Suzanne's birthdays AND Suzanne was just visiting/working with
>>Martin's mother for a while in March and April prior to the July marriage.
>>My Question: Would this be a logical conclusion that Suzanne (unmarried)
>>was staying with Martin's mother (maybe helping with the household) prior
>>to her marriage to Martin? Sounds 'goofy' but maybe that is the answer.
>>I just to make sure this is a reasonable conclusion considering Quebec
>>customs etc. during this time period.
>>Sorry that this is so confusing but maybe Suzanne really was working in
>>the Martin's mother's home helping out.
>>Thanks for the help,
>>Charlie King
>>Father John L. wrote:
>>Hi, Charlie!
>>According to the DGFQ [Jette]:
>>Martin COTE, son of Jean COTE & Anne MARTIN was baptized on 12 July
>>1639 at Quebec.
>>Suzanne PAGE, daughter of Raymond PAGE dit Quercy & Madeleine BERGERON was
>>born 30 April and baptized 03 May 1654 at Quebec.
>>Martin COTE and Suzanne PAGE were married at Chateau-Richer on 25 July
>>Taking Martin COTE's duly recorded baptismal date as his birth date, he
>>was 28 years, 0 months, 13 days old on the day of his marriage. Suzanne
>>PAGE, whose birth and baptism are both duly recorded, was, in fact, older
>>than 12 on the day of the marriage. She was 13 years, 2 months, and 25
>>days old. She was of legal age to marry according to both civil and
>>canon law.
>>She was, by the way, 14 years, 4 months and 6 days old when her first
>>son was born on 06 June 1668, and 29 days older on the day of his
>>burial. Her second son, named Jean like his older brother, was born on 18
>>March 1770, when Suzanne was 15 years, 10 months and 18 days old.
>>So, Charlie, I don't know how to answer your question "Am I missing
>>something here?" The records are there, and they are authentic,
>>according to Jette and PRDH.
>>On the other hand, I would be wary of some of the paths continuing this
>>thread might lead to. A school committee in northeastern New England and
>>an ecclesial community on the Arizona-Nevada border come to mind.
>>Let's not go there!
> Darrell A. Martin
> a native Vermonter in exile in Illinois
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