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The notation is "just a note that the act is just not in chronological
order in the register", Charlie. The marriage was contracted on July
25, 1667, but not recorded until after the 1669 marriages.

During the French regime, the laws with regard to marriage were
governed by the canon law of the Catholic Church. The age of marital
consent was fourteen years of age for males, twelve for females, unless
puberty provided otherwise. In that case, marriage would be valid, but
cohabitation would be forbidden until the parties reached the statutory

According to a decision rendered by Judge Andre Perrault of the Quebec
Court, until the Law of Harmonization became effective on May 7, 2001,
the age of marriage was regulated by the Civil Code of Lower Canada,
which set the age of marriage for a female at 12 years, but provided
that, if the bride was less than 12 years old, the marriage could be
contested only until she reached that age. Therefore, if a girl born
on May 6, 1991 married on her 10th birthday, if the marriage was not
contested before May 6, 2003, it could not be contested at all.

Aren't you glad you asked, Charlie!

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Subject: [Q-R] Martin Cote and Suzanne Paget

When Martin COTE (age 28)and Suzanne PAGET (age 13) were married in
1669 their
PRDH marriage cert carries the note:

'Acte non en ordre chronolique; situe apres m. 1669'

Question #1: What is the problem here? Is it just a note that the act
is just
not in chronological order in the book?

Question #2: What was the minimum age that Suzanne could have been
married in
this time period in Quebec? 13?

Thanks for the help,
Charlie King
novice researcher
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