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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Which Marie Angélique Roy??
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 11:59:58 -0400
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Jackie HOSTAGE writes:

But it is perplexing that Marie-Angelique ROY isn't listed as one  of the
children born to Augustin ROY and Marie-Angelique LIZOTTE and I don't  find her
birth -- unless it's hidden under DESJARDINS or LAUZIER.

Sigh ...  what's wrong with a simple name like John SMITH or ...
Because the name used by successive generations of one family varies greatly from one generation to the next, and from one family to another on the same generation, PRDH has chosen to list all of the possible names for each and every individual within the family.  Sometimes, a person has four family name,s sometimes, only one.  

The daughter of AUGUSTIN  ROY DESJARDINS LAUZIER and  MARIE ANGELIQUE LIZOTTE  born in at La Pocatière on 1763-10-03 is named MARIE CHARLOTTE ANGELIQUE MARTHE ROY DESJARDINS LAUZIER on her parent's' family page, but the corresponding page in the Repertory of Vital Records lists her as MARIE ANGELIQUE CHARLOTTE LAUZIER.  Her marriage lists her spouse's name as FRANCOIS MAURICE PELLETIER and hers as MARIE CHARLOTTE ANGELIQUE MARTHE ROY DESJARDINS LAUZIER on the Marriages Page, but they are FRANCOIS PELTIER and CHARLOTTE ROY LAUSIER on the Vital Records page. Her younger sister  is listed as MARIE ANGELIQUE LAUSIER on her baptismal record in Vital Acts, and as MARIE ANGELIQUE ROY LAUSIER on her marriage record

Further explanations are available in the Repertory of Dit Names linked on the QR Home Page. 

Fr John L

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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Which Marie Angélique Roy??

Hi Libby,

t seems that Marie-Charlotte (who m. Francois PELLETIER) must have used
everal names in her lifetime because the PRDH marriage record shows her as
arie-Charlotte-Angelique-Marthe ROY/DESJARDINS/LAUZIER.

he couple page for Augustin ROY and Marie-Angelique LIZOTTE shows separate
istings for the marriages of their daughters, Marie-Charlotte (b. 1763, m.
ELLETIER in 1785) and Marie-Angelique (m. MOREAU in 1789) and since the spouse
of Marie-Charlotte (Francois PELLETIER) didn't die until 1830 and the
arriage page doesn't show a second marriage for her, I can only conclude that
hese were two different women and that's the way I have it in my database.

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