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Date: Sat, 12 May 2007 19:15:05 EDT

I have been researching my family name for over 20 years. When I started my
research I had only once piece of paper with just my basic family
information. Through the years of my family research I have
also found various spellings of my last name. In fact, one of my distance
relatives wrote a letter to another distance relative informing them that it
seems that (in this particular part of the family) that the females spelled my
last name one way (Loncto) and the men the other way.. Lancto (which my last
name is spelled) However the Catholic church recognizes another spelling
(Lanctot) (now there's three). so depending on what part of the family your are
the last name can be spelled any one of three ways. Lancto (my name) others
- Lanctot and Loncto!! and they are all correct... I have various second
cousins with various spelllings!!!

What I end up doing now is putting all three spellings for everything..
usually like this..Lancto (Lanctot/Loncto) the main one that I think is correct
is first...and then the other spellings in paranthesis. And I just found out
on the drouin that my ggggrandfather 's birth records was spelled one
way..(Lancto)..but in most all other records last name still spelled incorrectly.
as Lanctot...or Loncto...grrr

Denise Lancto..

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