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From: Mona Rainville <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] RE : GOUIN dit CHAMPAGNE
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 23:24:03 -0400
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Hi Libby,

While discrepancies may sometimes crop up between the primary parish
records and their duplicate, they are usually more having to do with the
names, and sometimes with the date. I have never encountered an error
in the level of consanguinity before. So, I'll be phoning the parish
secretary up, tomorrow to ask if she would accept to double check this
for me. After all, the error could also be mine...Unlikely, but still
possible.. ;o)))

I'll keep you posted.



Libby Quanstrom wrote:
> As you point out Mona, You have seen the primary copy. Seems that
> most of us are dealing with secondary records and therefore, there is
> room for error
> Libby

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