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Subject: Re: [Q-R] GOUIN dit CHAMPAGNE
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 21:29:11 -0400
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Bonjour everyone,

I did not go back to last August, but
from the evidence I have in front of me,
I can't see how Daniel would not be the
son of Sebastien (who is called Jean
baptiste a couple of times before
Daniel's marriage) and thus the brother
of Jean Baptiste who ended up out West.

As for Jean Baptiste who married Marie
Josephe Lacroix, they are cited as
husband and wife in the early 1740s (she
is godmother, wife of Jean Baptiste
Gouin dit Champagne, forgeron) so the
1752 date for their marriage given on a
site on the internet does not match.
Jean Baptiste died in 1754 (Cahokia) and
Marie Josephe remarried in 1756
(Cahokia). There is a reference to a
1730 marriage contract in the notice of
that remarriage in Mrs Marthe
Beauregard's book and I believe that is
the true date of Jean Baptiste and
Marie-Josephe's marriage.
This is how Jean baptiste will now show
up in the PRDH...

Modifier Statut(s) : Décédé hors
du Québec

Naissance : 1706-02-25
Décès : 1754-08-01

Premier mariage :
1730-02-14 Pays-d'en-Haut


Mère : BARBE

Bertrand Desjardins

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Subject: Re: [Q-R] GOUIN dit CHAMPAGNE

Hi Jan, Jackie, et bonsoir Bertrand,

This question came up on this list last
August, and I have since double
checked the following:

The Daniel GOUIN who marries Marie
Madeleine LE VALOIS is NOT the
brother of Jean-Baptiste GOUIN (son of
Sébastien GOUIN and Louise de
RAINVILLE). But rather he is the son of
that same Jean-Baptiste GOUIN
and his wife Elisabeth de RAINVILLE.
(Source: RP de La Visitation de
l'Ile Dupas)

Secondly, Daniel GOUIN and Marie
Madeleine LE VALOIS had a son called
Pierre Amable GOUIN who decided to keep
it in the family, so to speak,
and chose as his bride Anne Céleste de
RAINVILLE. This gave rise to a
request for a dispensation, which was
granted to them for the 4th and
3rd degree, the common ancestors being
Jean de RAINVILLE and Elizabeth
de la GUERIPIÈRE who were Pierre
Amable's great-great-grand-parents (4th
degree of consanguinity) and Anne
Célestes great-grand-parents (3rd
degree of consanguitiy). (Source: same
as above)

Now the Kaskaskia bunch...

Jan, Sébastien GOUIN dit CHAMPAGNE is
sometimes called Bastien which is
a usual diminutive of Sébastien. But he
is not called Jean-Baptiste
GOUIN dit CHAMPAGNE. Those are his son
and grand-son(s). In any case, he
was already long dead by 1730/33.

When you say you found the two
Jean-Baptiste GOUIN in Kaskaskia, are
referring to an original document?

As for poor ol'Louise de RAINVILLE, if
you recall our exchanges of last
Summer, there was a question of her
having attended to the marriage
contract of her "son" Daniel GOUIN, in
1735, in Montreal, which put her
year of death in question. The marriage
contract does state Louise de
RAINVILLE. It is now obvious that the
person in attendance was in fact
Elisabeth de RAINVILLE, who was truly
this Daniel GOUIN's mother, and
who, for all we know, could very well
have been know as Louise, barring
a possible mistake by the notary.



> Hi Bertrand and Jan,
> I have some interest in this family
> with a connection to Sebastien GOUIN
> whose son, Jean-Baptiste m.
> Marie-Josephe LACROIX (per the PRDH
> "before 29 Feb
> 1756; per the Kaskaskia site, 07 Apr
> 1752"). I'm guessing that the before
> 1756
> date reflects the death of
> Jean-Baptiste since Marie-Josephe
> remarried in
> 1756 at Cahokia.
> I wonder if the confusion stems from
> the marriage record (PRDH Cert. #
> 176105) for Jean-Baptiste's brother,
> Daniel, which lists his parents as
> Jean-Baptiste and Elisabeth
> DERAINVILLE. All other records
> relating to that marriage
> list his parents as Sebastien and
> Marie-Lousie RAINVILLE. (Elisabeth
> was
> Marie-Louise RAINVILLE's mother's
> name.)
> The certificates reflect the
> information on the original document
> but
> further investigation often shows that
> the priest recorded or was given the
> wrong
> information.
> I suspect there was only Jean-Baptiste
> GOUINm. to a Marie-Josephe LACROIX
> Jan, let me know if you would like to
> compare files/data.
> Jackie Hostage

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