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From: Mona Rainville <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] recipe needed
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 09:06:40 -0500
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Hi Lisa,

Yes, I had lots of cousins in R.I., mostly Rainville, but Danis,
Therrien, and Prescott also, although I never met any of the Prescott.

I wonder if the patron saint of Canadian cooking, madame Jeanne BENOIT,
is related to your BENOIT...? She lived in the Eastern Townships, in
Knowlton, near the Canada / US border.

The liver stuffing you mention sounds like the one my maternal
grand-mother used to make. She used mashed potatoes, shallots, a small
onion finely minced, savory (l'incontournable chicken/turkey seasoning
in French Canadian cuisine) and marjoram, all mixed with the content of
the little bag that used to be found inside the fresh chicken or turkey
and which contained the liver, heart, etc... of the bird. I still make
this stuffing for Sunday dinners, but now I have to buy the chicken
livers separately... sigh...

My mother used to save the chicken heart for the soup she never failed
to make with the leftovers. And, it was a thrill for us kids to see
who'd get that one heart in their serving. It was sort of like getting
the bean in the "Couronne des Rois"... ;o)

Another tradition that came up from "les États" to my family is the
strawberry shortcake we make every year, strangely enough at "la Fête de
la Reine", or Queen's Birthday, in May. This comes from the Therrien
side of my family that settled in New York and Vermont. Clearly, this is
not a Quebec tradition as the local strawberries are not available for
another month, up here.



Lisa Lepore wrote:
> Hi Mona -
> I didn't know you had family in RI. That's where I am from.
> My french relatives settled in Central Falls - Gaboriault
> and a couple of Lapalme.
> I never liked this stuffing, so I don't have a recipe, but my
> Italian relatives made a sausage stuffing with very little bread -
> mostly meat, and eggs to hold it together. My father says some
> of them made it with no bread at all. I never heard it called
> RI meat stuffing - just Aunty Ede's stuffing or Aunty Vera's
> stuffing LOL
> I work with a woman whose family name in Benoit. She
> makes a turkey stuffing with liver & onions & saltine crackers
> which she said is the recipe passed down from the Benoit side
> of her family.
> Lisa

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