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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Recipe Needed
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 18:04:22 EST

Hi Darlene,
I make my mother's stuffing and have altered it just a bit. Here it is:

1lb hamburger
1lb plain sausage
2lb stuffing bread or regular bread
1 large egg
dash of bell's seasoning
2 stalks of finely diced celery
1 can of chicken broth or water to moisten

Brown hamburger and sausage. Drain onto paper towels.
Rip up bread into small pieces.
Lightly beat the egg.

In a large bowl put the bread, celery, egg and bell's seasoning. Mix by
hand until squishy.
I add chicken broth to moisten, but you can use water.
When kind of mixed up and squishy, add the meat and mix by hand some more.

Viola! It's ready to go into the oven (covered) at 350 degrees or into the
bird. Sometimes I put it into a water bath so it stays soft all the way
through. If it is just in the oven it can get a little crusty around the edges.
Cook about an hour or until the celery is softened.

Mary H 8)

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