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Subject: Cemetery Report : 8/8/06 Licensed Mississippi Riverboat Pilot in Elmira.
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 16:08:28 EDT

Finally, on my way to Elmira, New York as I pull out of the garage at
6:37am. Never been there before, so it'll be something new and so will the Route
I'll use. Headed West on Route 90 and exited at Geneva and headed South on
Route 14 all the way to Elmira. Its kind of a picturesque route as you travel
alongside one of the Finger Lakes, which I believe is the Index Finger. Elmira
is in Chemung County, which I found out is pretty cheap with their signs, they
don't like to tell you where you are while driving. I came into a place
called Horseheads, < this is the famous location where in 1947 a flying saucer
landed and removed the heads of 1,209 horses...........that's a lot of
carcasses laying around.......................till this day the heads have never
been returned..........................well, not really, but its still an odd
name for a City. After going through this headless city I'm back out into
country driving again, but not for long, "WELCOME TO PENNSYLVANIA"
aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhh ! I made a U-turn about 4 car lenghts into the state
and returned on the same route. Heading North on the same Route, it says
Elmira, but heading south it doesn't say a thing and I thought I was still in
Horseheads. It wasn't a big mistake distance wise as Elmira sits pretty darn close
to the border, only minutes away. And I got to go out of
State.....................hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !
Back into the City of Elmira and what greets my eyes, a Donkin Donuts,
coffee and directions. After being fortified with coffee and receiving directions
to the "Pine Box Palace" about 10 minutes later I arrive...................
I enter Woodlawn Cemetery on Davis Street, Elmira at 9:30am. This is a big
place. And heres what I found...........................

Ossip Gabrilowitsch born Feb. 8, 1878 and died Sept 14, 1936.

John W. Jones born 1817 and died Dec 26, 1900. Runaway Slave/ Woodlawn
He risked his life to escape bondage, then dedicated his life to bury those
who might enslave him. As a runaway slave he helped 800 others escape to
freedom through the Elmira Underground Railroad. As a Sexton of Woodlawn National
Cemetery he buried with honor and respect 2,973 Confederate Soldiers who died
in the Elmira Prison Camp.(photo)

If your a football fan, the next one is a famous football star.
Ernie Davis, Heisman Trophy Winner in 1961.
1939-1963. (very modest grave stone, other than an actual football mounted
in front of his stone, photo)

Danial R. Pratt born at Colchester, Connecticut Jan 16, 1780 and died Oct 9,

Nellie E. Tice born Oct 29, 1882 and died Aug 18, 1883.( I picked up her
stone and put it back on its base, photo)

Steany Suess(Little stone with no dates)

Mandand Doxey 1846-1947.

Leettas Eaton 1836-1922.

Anor D. Hall 1889-1988.

Elnora Reynolds 1915-1978.

Cyrene S. Stevens 1839-1921.

Obadiah Lewis May 27, 1834 and died April 5, 1891.

Aurelia Robinson died Oct 19, 1863.

Zina B. Glines born Sept 4, 1840 and died April 19, 1874.

Percis E. Smith 1841-1921.

Keyes Whitmore born April 4, 1814 and died Dec 26, 1883.

Little Willie(no dates)
and next door
Little Harry(no dates)

Jacob Hoffman, Killed at the massacre at Waiilatpu, Oregon Nov 29. 1847,
aged 33 years.

Next very famous person you should have heard of and watched many of his

Hal E. Roach 1892-1992, After leaving Elmira he found success in Hollywood
and motion pictures, but always loved his hometown and has returned. He was a
Lt. Col. U.S. Army in WW 11
Born Jan 14, 1892 and died Nov 2, 1992.
He produced the films of "Laurel and Hardy" and "Our Gang" and many other
classic comedians. He died of Pneumonia.(photo, No, not of the pneumonia, of his

Olivia Chrystal 1880-1929.

Merton L. Griswold 1871-1951.

Townsend Beckwith March 12, 1824 and died Sept 29, 1908.

Our Willie(no dates)

Woodman Demarest 1831-1923.

Marsdon T. Gerity (no dates)

Burchard C. Johnson 1881-1910.

Azuba B. Carpenter born April 7, 1861 and died Marech 17, 1891.

Zera Compton 1840-1920.

James M. Sly 1840-1889.

Ida Sly 1880-1960.

Cero Lyman Bradley March 6, 1863 and died Sept 9, 1947.

Magdalen Hass born Feb 10, 1821 and died March 25, 1901.

Enid Daphee Grover Born Dec 24, 1907 and died Sept 18, 1939.

Thad Therron Grover 1871-1932.

Ivah J. Beardsley Born July 22, 1828 and died Jan 2, 1915.

Roscius Morse Born Nov 3, 1844 and died June 10, 1905.

Berthiah Jenkins Born Nov 22, 1797 and died Dec 22, 1876.

Rettie Jenkins 1844-1914.

Vier Jenkins 1847-1918.

Louise Saks Clute 1870-1934.

Theodate H. Gridley 1853-1943.

Florilla C. Safford 1878-1981.

Rollo M. Badger 1849-1900.

Babette Kirch Born Dec 3, 1829 and died Feb 2, 1899.

Next is the most famous of the day........

Samuel Langhorne Clemens AKA Mark Twain. Nov 30, 1835 and died April 21,
1910.(A couple of his charactors, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn) (at the base
of his stone was a pile of cigars, left by admirers of his works as he was a
great cigar smoker. I also left a token.)
Death is the starlit strip, between the companionship of yesteryear and the
reunion of tomorrow.(photo) He was a Licensed Mississippi River Boat Pilot.

In this grave repose the ashes of Olivia Langdon the beloved and lamented
wife of Samuel L. Clemens born Nov 27, 1804 and died June 5, 1904.(photo)

Laruna M. Wheeler born July 24, 1819 and died Sept 12, 1895.

Draper Nichols 1800-1890.

Welling Odell 1880-1891.

Crete Hubbard 1800-1888.

Rood Taylor Born April 16, 1851 and died Dec 2, 1921.

Onesimus M. Wixon 1850-1938.

Glorvina Stanghfield 1822-1899.

Sarepta A. Wells born July 19, 1832 and died March 22, 1850.

Lecrand B. Sufferin died Jan 4, 1855.

Mennie D. Sufferin Died Jan 21, 1898.

Pet Updegraff 1865-1866(was it actually a Pet? or just an odd 1st name?)

Hosea H. Rockwell 1840-1918.

Jehiel Ayers Jr. 1843-1861.

Debruce Goodell 1827-1875.

Robert Y. Snyder 2nd Lieut Sig. R.C. Aviation Service 1896-1918, enlisted
May 10, 1917, killed in aeroplane accident at Fort Worth July 21, 1918.(photo)

Baby Fannie(no dates)

Hiram Gray Born at Salem, New York(<Vermont/New York border region) July 20,
1801 and died May 6, 1890.

Fairfax G. Steele 1904-1981.

Next a large stone with only the name TROUT on it. (photo)

Vieva Dow 1885-1947.

Baird George Dow 1879-1931.

Wilbur W. Fish(< a cousin of TROUT above?, actually about 15 feet apart)

Emily Flower Riddle 1857-1920.(< has a ring to it..........)

Erla Barnhart Livens 1876-1956.

Lodowick Hames 1874-1962.

Another coincidence, backing up to read above Lodowick I tripped on the
small stone behind me, which had the last name of FALL.. Didn't FALL, but

Orramarl Austin 1788-1865.

Utelle Stevens born Sept 20, 1873 and died Nov 26, 1873.

'Ya know what the C.F.L. is? Canadian Football League. I found their stone
and all it said was C.F.L. (photo) :)

I walked 6.1 miles in "This Place ,That People Are Just Dying To Get Into".
Picked up 3 flags, which I brought home for the flag bag as I had no place
to put them. And vacated at 2:22pm.

2:25 pm brings me around the corner to the National Cemetery which is being
heavily worked on, so no use attempting to even get out and walk through this
"Bivowac Area". But at their office they had an outdoor name locater which I
went through, of which I saw no familure names of Yankees or

Vacated this "Reapers Paradise" at 2:35pm and headed north on 14. Gee, and I
was packed for overnite and it wasn't as far as I thought and didn't take as
long as I predicted either.

3:57pm brings me to Glenwood Cemetery in Geneva, New York alongside Route 14
after a coffee along the way.......................

Eurotas Francis Hastings died July 16, 1820 age 2 months.

Eliza Mann of the City of Hudson, New York, died June 8, 1839 aged 70 years.

Charles B. Silvernail died Jan 7, 1875 aged 28 years.(I've heard of the
Golden Spike, but not the Silvernail)

William Flint died March 10, 1819 in the 26th year of his age.(He was in
like Flint, in the grave that is.............)

Peter Dox born in the City of Albany, New York Oct 18, 1742 and died Nov 24,

Capt. Alexander E. Rose of Virginia born April 1, 1780 and died Nov 18, 1832.

Mr. Cavin Lawson died March 15, 1806 in the 68th year of his age.

In memory of Asenath Noble wife of Plnathan Noble who died Sept 6, 1822 age
31 years.

In memory of George Emmit son of Symanthia Liddiard who died March 9, 1829
age 1 year, 6 months and 10 days.

Edward Cutbush M.D. Late Senior Surgeon of the U.S. Navy born Jan 5, 1772
and died June 23, 1843.

Rev. Ebenezer Everett born at Francistown, New Hampshire Aug 31, 1789 and
died June 28, 1877 aged 88 years.

2.3 miles walked in this cemetery and vacated at 6:04pm

At this point I'm only about 1 hour from home, so I parked in the garage at
7:00pm. Home a day early, but a rewarding trip and even though I had black
clouds early in the day, no rain happened, it slowly brightened up during the
day, to finally clear skies and a high of 83F/27C.

Another great ride......................

Walked a total of 8.2 miles for the day.

Bill a day of rest and by Friday, I'll be ready to go
again......................depending on weather.........................

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