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From: "Karen Hornell" <>
Subject: Laferriere Question?
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2006 09:56:47 -0400

Good Saturday morning to everyone,
I have a real problem with my Julie/Julia Laferriere. She was born 30 Oct 1849, somewhere in Quebec, as reported by family members. She died 30 Jan 1937 in Beloit, WI, USA. She married George Thomas, born 5 Jun 1847, Bonne Esperance, PQ, Canada and died 1921 in Ottawa. The couple had 9 was born in Gracefield, PQ in Gatineau County. I have exhausted my resources trying to locate Julia's parents. Can anyone help? This couple seemed to be all over the map as far as locations. Is Julie short for Juliette or is there another name for Julie/Julia? Also, is there a dit name for Laferriere? Any assistance would be appreciated.


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