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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Fichier Origine vs Jette (or any other source)
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 14:17:04 EST

Genealogical studies have a history, Elizabeth.

The work done by Tanguay and others in the 19th century was refined in the
twentieth century.

The work done by Jetté by _1983_, more than twenty years ago now, for records
before 1730 has been refined, and continues to be refined, by PRDH.

Fichier Origine continues to add new documented discoveries by researchers
who have examined records that survive in France but that no one found

So, to answer your question, Elizabeth, you have to consider the historical
perspective. Generally speaking, more modern research, if it cites an original
source, is more reliable. S. White's research on Acadie / Acadia, for example,
is far superior to anything else previously done for the area.

Even then, if you are uneasy about information in a reliable secondary
source, go to the original source, whenever possible. I've just discovered yet
another misreading of an original record, this one recording a marriage in 1760.
The priest left out the bride's name, and researchers have made the bride's
_mother_ the new bride, although the mother was still married!

Simple errors and lack of concentration can lead to serious misinformation.
None of us is immune.


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Hi Elizabeth:

Perhaps I am the one that is off-track, but my notes show Zacharie=20
Cloutier's wife from the marriage of July 18, 1616 in St-Jean de Mortagn=
Perche, France was to SAINTE DUPONT. All their children were born in=20

Their son, Zacharie was the one who married Marie Madeleine EMARD on Apri=
l 4=20
1648 in St-Barth=E9lemy de La Rochelle, Aunis, France; they travelled to=
Canada and all their children were born in Quebec.


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Subject: [Q-R] Fichier Origine vs Jette (or any other source)
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 03:05:52 -0800 (PST)

Hi All:

I have recently been entering data from Fichier Origine and although t=
reference Jette as well as other sources, I have found discrepancies in t=
information.....for instance...

Zacharie CLOUTIER m Marie EMARD...Fichier Origine says they married 18=
Jul 1616 and even though they reference him, Jette (pg 259) says 1617....=
would not have been so concerned about just this ONE item but lately have=
found severa such instances....
can someone tell me WHICH source is the most reliable?????



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