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From: Marcia Boisvert & Michael Eakin <>
Subject: Re: QUEBEC-RESEARCH-D Digest V06 #63
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 15:35:03 -0500
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Part of the problem may be that many of us, like me, were third
generation in America, sons and daughters of French Speakers who
discussed the family home in "Three Rivers." Not knowing any better,
that is where many of us begin. Of course, growing up listening to
"Three Rivers," we sometimes slip into old habits, not disrespectful
behavior. Having three French-Canadian grandparents, I wish my French
were better -- we won't go into my French teacher who couldn't
pronounce "Boisvert" correctly -- but my Spanish accent from growing up
in Texas is superior.

Marcia Boisvert

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> Subject: Place Names
> Place names, the same as names of people, are proper nouns. As a
> general rule proper nouns are not translated.

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