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From: Frances LaChance <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Re: ALL
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 13:59:36 -0500
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Say it isn't so Bill - but I respect your decision. We must have
started the list about the same time as I believe I have also been on
for about 9 years. We will miss your 'smiling' face and many messages -
both queries and your wonderful cemetery musings. Without your help
over the years I would not have found many of my ancestors without
financial cost to me. Our one face-to-face meeting at Timmies in
Windsor a few years ago was a great pleasure.

I hope you believe me when I say you will be greatly missed. You will
probably hear from me occasionally as I dig up more bones in my family
tree. :-)

I will continue to pray for your (and Sue's) health and happiness for
your future.

With the greatest respect for your tremendous generosity and diligence
and patience with us all, I remain,


Fran (Deschamps) LaChance
Sarnia, ON, Canada


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> In a message dated 1/25/2006 7:27:38 AM Eastern Standard Time, WFlem72706
> writes:
> Hi All
> After nine years, I've decided to unsubscribe from the list. I see no
> benefit in discussing my reasons for this, on or off the list.
> >From now forward, if you would like your queries answered by me, you will
> have to send them direct to my e-mail address,
> (mailto:) . I will send your answers directly to your e-mail address.
> All questions that I have at this time will be answered and sent directly to
> you. I ask you not to mix social type e-mails with your questions.Try to keep
> them separate, it will make it easier on me.
> I wish all well...............
> Bye
> Best
> Bill

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