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From: "pd2tmf" <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] RE: Tanguay
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 14:45:40 -0500
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Thanks, Margaret, knowing about the pamphlet is a plus. This pamphlet is at
the PRDH site? I'm thinking that I'll go ahead and subscribe since I
noticed that the basic subscription cost is only a couple $$ more than it
costs to park a car in Detroit at the library. No-brainer there. lol I
especially like the idea of the updates, just hope I can figure it all out.
: )


> No, most libraries don't have PRDH. I'm sure libraries in large cities
> would have it, depending if they have much French-Canadian resources. I
> do not know French, but I have learned to read some. They have a
> pamphlet of instructions on how to access this information. Once you
> understand, it works out fine. (I copied the pamphlet also, which is
> helpful at home).
> Margaret

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