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From: Frances LaChance <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] RE: Tanguay
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 00:16:54 -0500
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Where's the library, Margaret? It's probably too far for me to walk
there, right? ;-)

Sarnia, ON, Canada


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Margaret Hobler wrote:

>Go to the library and access the 47 volumes of PRDH, and it doesn't cost
>anything. I copy pages of interest. One time I was able to settle a
>problem; someone had info from PRDH on the internet, but the books gave
>more information. The cost of copies is 10 cents per page, and most
>often a page (double page) will show many I need, making the cost very
>small. However, the books have not been updated (to my knowledge). Have
>even copied the entire section for a certain town/county. I love these
>volumes! This gives me a hard copy for future reference.
>Margaret LaGue-Hobler
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>From: Roch St-Pierre [mailto:]
>Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2006 10:08 PM
>Subject: Tanguay
>Thank you,
> I have never used PRDH just because it does cost money, I would
>rather buy a few books that I can use over and over again and help other
> Roch
> The fees for the use of PRDH range: about 14 cents a hit for 150 hits;
>about 7 cents a hit for 1000 hits; about 3 cents a hit for 10,000 hits.
>The variations between fees for Quebec, for the rest of Canada, and for
>other countries are negligible. As cousin Fran Deschamps Lachance said,
>"It's well worth the money" She was almost right about "two cents
>worth", too.
> Fr. Owen Taggart
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