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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Mashed potato/giblet stuffing?
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 01:13:39 EST

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Hi Pat,

I don't make the stuffing, but my mother did. . .likely learned from her
French-Canadian grandmother. I do recall that it was delicious! HAPPY

Penny Draper

Wary wrote:

>Does anybody else besides me make stuffing which features mashed potatoes
>and giblets? I learned how to make it from my grandmother back home in
>Connecticut, and she learned it from her mother and grandmother (Amanda
>Grandchamp). Here in Pennsylvania, everyone tells me mashed potato stuffing
>is Pennsylvania Dutch, but I say "Not THIS stuffing! It's from Quebec!"
>-Pat. LaBonte Wary

On the afternoon of the day before Thanksgiving, when we came home from
school, the apartment was filled with the aroma of giblets boiling on the stove.
We spent the afternoon and early evening helping my mother prepare the
turkey and stuffing (we called it "farce"). The stuffing included the following
ingredients: ground pork, mashed potatoes, giblets, browned onion, cinnamon,
clove, allspice, celery leaves, salt and pepper. Almost all of the giblets:
gizzard, liver, were ground and mixed into a broth flavored with the meat
from the turkey nec, and poured into the mixture of mashed potatoes and browned
ground pork. All the gibletswere used except the heart, which was my treat
for helping.

The recipe was included in the parish cookbook pubished by Notre Dame du
Perpetuel Secours, Holyoke Massachusetts, in November 1975, 30 years ago. My
aunts, who submitted the recipe, noted that it was "a very old family recipe
handed down from great-grandmother Monty". That's not my great-grandmother
Monty, Azarize Gaucher, the wife of Louis Charles Monty, but her mother-in-law,
Onesime Daignault, the wife of Prudent Monty. My great-great grandmother
was born in 1832 at Longueuil, and died in 1914 at Chambly.

I wondered at the time how much older the recipe might my answer after
publishing the recipe on the Q-R List a few years ago. One of the other listers
e-mailed me that the recipe was also her family recipe. The other lister was
List-Mom, Renee Paradis Cummings. Our closest common ancestors are the
parents of Renee's ancestress, Barbe-Marie, wife of Pierre Paradis, and of my
ancestors, Jean, husband of Isabelle Couillard and Michel, husband of Genevieve
Marsolet, that is, Jean Guyon and Mathurine Robin-Boulay.

Now, that's what I call an ancestral family recipe!

Fr. Owen Taggart

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