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Subject: History Facts
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 20:03:19 EST

"During the French Revolution ( which sounds like they're having another one
at present) , to look through the little window, was a colloquialism for
being guillotined, because ones head was pinned down by the iron collar or
"Reginald Birchall was hanged for the murder of Fred Benwell in 1890 in
Canada. On the scaffold, he asked the hangman to shake hands with him, and
smiled. It was reported later, that those who performed the post mortem found the
smile still lingering about his ashen lips."
"In the seventeenth century, those who sowed sedition (spread treason) were
branded with the letter S on each side of the nose."(..............and I
thought S was for snot..........LOL)

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