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Hi Joyce,

All of this data comes from the Repertoire of Acts of Ste-Genevieve-de-Berthier:

Pierre MARTIN-PELLANT & Thereize FAGNANT are listed as parents of Marie-Catherine MARTIN-PELLANT. I haven't been able to find Pierre and Thereize marriage in the Repertoires or on the PRDH.

Children of Pierre and Thereize Baptized at Ste-Genevieve-de-Berthier:

Jean MARTIN Pierre & Thereize FAGNANT
1773-04-11 04-11 (Charles GERVAIS, M.Magdeleine DUDROIT)

M.Francoise MARTIN Pierre-Louis & Thereize FAGNANT
1769-03-08 03-08 (Alexis Ore, M.Catherine MARTIN)

Cuthbert MARTIN-PELLANT Sr Pierre cap.milice & Therese FAGNAN
1780-04-18 04-18 Cuthbert MARTIN oncle, Catherine FERLAND)

M.Catherinne MARTIN-PELLANT Pierre & Therize FAGNANT
1771-01-20 01-20 Joseph Derosier, M.Anne LATOUR)

M.Ursule MARTIN-PELLANT Pierre cap.milice & M.Therese FAGNAN
1778-03-29 03-28 (Joseph Roc cap.milice, Genevieve Derosier femme Francois GENEREUX)

Paul MARTIN-PELLANT Sr Pierre cap.milice, Therese FAGNAN
1782-10-13 10-13 (Joseph FAGNAN oncle & M,Thecle PAQUET)

Pierre MARTIN-PELLANT Pierre, Thereize FAGNANT
1776-03-05 03-04 (Augustin BOUCHE, Magdeline DEROSIER)

Pierre MARTIN-PENLAN Pierre & M.Thereze FAGNAN
1767-04-02 04-02 (Francois LAVALLEE, M.Rose MARTIN)

Children of Pierre and Thereize Married at Ste-Genevieve-de-Berthier:

Catherine MARTIN-PELLANT (Pierre & Therese FAGNAN)
June 2, 1794

Basile GERVAISE (x Charles & M.Joseph ENOS)
Magdeleine MARTIN-PELLANT (Pierre & Therese FAGNAN)
May 15, 1786

Jean-Bte GERVAISE 24 ans agr. (x Charles & M.Joseph ENAULT)
Ursule MARTIN-PELLANT 20 ans (Pierre & Therese FAGNAN)
October 8, 1798

Alexis MARTIN-PELLANT agr. (Pierre & Therese FAGNAN)
Charlotte Amable LECLAIRE (Joseph forg. & Marguerite FORTIN)
November 25, 1799

Joseph ROBERGE S.Cut (x Joseph, x Charlotte DUTAU-VILLANDRE)
Francoise MARTIN-PELLANT (Pierre & Therese FAGNAN)
October 21, 1793

Pierre MARTIN-PELLANT 24 ans (Pierre & Therese FAGNAN)
M.Joseph TELLIER 20 ans (Alexis & M.Joseph GERVAISE)
February 13, 1792

Cuthbert MARTIN-PELLANT agr. (Pierre &Therese FAGNAN)
Marie-Joseph BOIVIN (Louis & M.Joseph GAGNER - Lorette)
October 18, 1802

Paul MARTIN-PELLANT agr. (Pierre & Therese FAGNAN)
Rose MARCHAND mn (Jean Baptiste & Susanne DUPUIS)
January 30, 1804

Children of Catherine MARTIN-PELLANT & Claude DESROSIERS-LAFRENIERE baptised at Ste-Genevieve-de-Berthier:

Catherine DESROSIERS-LAFRENIERE Claude agriculteur & Catherine MARTIN-PELLANT
1799-03-08 03-08 (Jacques MARTIN oncle, Dorothee ENAUT)

1795-03-27 03-27 (Prisque FERLAND, Therese FAGNAN-MARTIN)

M.Sophie DESROSIERS-LAFRENIERE Claude agriculteur & Catherine MARTIN-PELLANT
1800-09-30 09-29 (Paul MARTIN oncle, Genevieve FERLAND)

1797-04-05 04-05 (Jean-Baptiste DESROSIERS oncle, Marguerite DESROSIERS-ENAULT
NB: The above entry has the mother as Marguerite rather than Catherine but the father is Claude, no other Martin/Desrosiers marriages are recorded, and the date fits in with their marriage and the birth of their other children. So, I am including it as very likely them. Your call.

I found no burials for any of the children, Pierre or Therese. Also I double-checked and could find no baptism for Alexis, just the marriage.

Have fun!

Dave Constantine in Boston

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From: Joyce Crete

Hi Dave - Speaking for a friend I have some of the names mentioned but I
don't have full information. Perhaps someone would be able to make a
connection and provide a bit more info. If so, I would appreciate it.

Catherine PELLAND
b 20 Jan 1771 - Berthier
parents Pierre & Therese FAGNAN OR FAGNANT

Joseph Fagnan & Therese Mandeville
dau Therese Fagnant married Pierre Pelland 4 Feb 1765
and some of their childrens names are PELLAND-MARTIN

I realise the dates I have are before those mentioned in your message but I
don't have spouses for any of the children so their might be a connection.
Just asking in case someone already has a line with these names that might
connect. Joyce

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Hi Ed,

It would seem that they stayed at least until 1829 in order to have
Baptized the following two children at Ste-Genevieve-de-Berthier:

Name Date of Baptism
Adelaide FAGNAN November 18, 1826 Joseph
compagnon-chapelier, Catherine MARTIN-PELLAND

(Jean ST-GERMAIN, Archange BOUCHER-PELLAND ayeule)

Joseph FAGNAND February 24, 1829 Joseph journalier,

(Joseph COUTU, Louis-Caroline FAGNAND)
(Burial) Age 8m. October 31, 1829 Joseph navigateur,

Dave Constantine in Boston

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Received a couple of months ago some great information on my maternal
side of my French branch of my family tree, I can now trace at least two
lines back to France. What I'm trying to find is where my GGGrandmother
Helena Fanyou was born, in Berthierville, QC or Albany, NY. Her mother
was Catherine Martin-Pelland Fagnant born 10/18/1807 and her father was
Joseph Fagnant born 1807 and they were married in Berthierville, QC on
1/10/1826. It is unclear whether they left immediately after getting
married for Albany, NY or whether they lingered on until the early
1830s. There is a gap of several years between the time that Helena and
at least one other sibling was born and the bulk of their children in
Albany, NY.

One of Helena's GGrandfathers was Francois Martin-Pelland, who was a 1st
Lt who fought in a French-Canadian Regiment on the Rebel side in the
American Revolutionary War and was killed in battle in Fishkill, NY in
1778. The French-Canadian Regiment was made up of French soldiers who
had joined forces with Montgomery when the Rebels invaded Quebec to
remove the British and gain additional French support for their cause.
Unfortunately Montgomery was defeated and after being excommunicated by
Bishop Briand at least the French officers and their families were
exiled out of Quebec to New York. Her maternal Grandparents were Joseph
Francois Martin-Pelland born in 1771 in Berthierville, QC. He married
Archange Boucher in 1791 in Berthierville, QC.

Ed Hagerty
Monroe, CT USA

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