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Subject: RE: [Q-R] Longue Point, Laval - hospital?
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St. Jean de Dieu wsa still a mental hospital throughout the 1960's. My
hubby worked there as a matter of fact as a prepose (gardien) guard.. To
keep under control, the criminal insane patients. I believe it was still
in existence in the 70's and 80's as well. Not sure though..


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Hi Kathleen,
in answer to your inquiry:
In 1901, to my knowledge, there existed not a single hospital on
Laval island.
There is known place called Longue Pointe, on the northearstern part
the island of Montreal and may have been at a certain time a separate
entity- read town within the island. A major army base was established
that area and known as the Longue Pointe army base,(established by the
british army in the 1770 ies and again in 1812 to protect Montreal
posibble US invasion of the province via the Hudson-Lake
water systems). The base was most active during the 1939-1945 war as
training center. The St-Jean-de-Dieu hospital was and is within the same

general area and the only hospital, at that time in the eastern part of
island of Montreal. That hospital was dedicated for people with mental
disorders. It has a new vocation now of which I do not know, but the
buildings are still there close to highway 25 south leading to the
brigde-tunnel.I hope this will help you redirect your inquiry. Des.

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> In a message dated 6/8/2005 7:10:39 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> I think I have located a family member who was listed as an interne
> in Longue Point, Laval, Quebec in the 1901 census. I could not locate

> the name of the
> institution. Other people were described in the census as
> privee, hospitaliere and garde. Quite a few nuns were listed so it
> have been
> a Catholic institution. Does anyone know what kind of institution it
> and
> also what the French words mean. Thank you so much for any help you
> give
> me.
> Kathleen
> =========================================
> The French words:
> hospitaliere = hospital attendant (female)
> pensionnaire = inmate
> garde = nurse
> interne = medical student
> I suspect the institution was a hospital, probably a residence for
> aged
> and
> infirm patients, some of them private patients, others on welfare
> assistance.
> Fr. Owen Taggart

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