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Subject: RE: [Q-R] Longue Point, Laval - hospital?
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Must have been an orphanage or boarding school. Pensionnaire, was a
boarder which I happened to have been one years ago. Privee is private,
so could be a private school. Hospitaliere, was a hospital employee I
believe and garde is a nurse. Or garde-malade (same thing). I was in an
orphanage (catholic) although I was not an orphan. My grandparents paid
my boarding.


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Subject: [Q-R] Longue Point, Laval - hospital?

>I think I have located a family member who was listed as an interne in
> Point, Laval, Quebec in the 1901 census. I could not locate the name
> the
> institution. Other people were descrived in the census as
> privee, hospitaliere and garde. Quite a few nuns were listed so it
> have been
> a Catholic institution. Does anyone know what kind of institution it
> and
> also what the French words mean. Thank you so much for any help you
> give
> me.
> Kathleen

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