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Subject: Re: Tanguay's book, Souche
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 06:48:31 EDT

The phrase "'n'ayant pas souche en Canada" means not having roots in Canada:
a souche is the part of the tree underground when a tree is cut, therefore,
these women were not born in Canada.

Marguerite Anthiaume, wife of André Jarret de Beauregard, is listed, and she
is definitely from the parish of St. Nicolas des Champs in Paris, her birth
place, as she declared on her marriage contract and church record. She was not
born in Canada; her "source" or "roots" were not in Canada. She did have
descendants who survive to this day, including me.

Tanguay also lists known prisoners taken in raids on the English colonies who
later married in New France and became French citizens, including Marie
Francoise Stevens, taken from New England by the Abenaquis, who cared for her for a
time before she married Jacques Paquet. Her "roots" were not in Canada, but
she has descendants, again including me.

But when Tanguay also lists Marie Mité8ameg8K8é as not being born in Canada,
along with some other female Indians, I have to wonder about his definition of
Canada. Marie's birthplace is unknown, but she was an Algonquinne, and
probably from an area which is the origin of Charles Pachirini, an Algonquin witness
at her marriage. That area is most likely Allumette Island in the Ottawa
River. The Algonquins there were called the Kichesipirini, according to the DCB.

Tanguay seems to be limiting his definition of "Canada" to the French
Laurentian colony and working from baptism records he had access to in order to
determine a woman's place of origin. He didn't know that Marie Mité8ameg8K8é was
baptized in Montreal, although she was, admittedly, a married woman at the time.


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Good Afternoon :)

I was translating the summary for then end of Tanguay's book...and it
translates as:

pp. 603 to 688 [ Alphabetical table of the names of women not having stock
in Canada; Names of the White married with the indigenous women ]
What does "not having stock in Canada;" mean?

I might be having a blonde moment but really, I don't know.

Thank you :)

Roussell, Masson

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