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Subject: Re: [Q-R] 20th Century Plague
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 13:16:03 -0400
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I do remember the series of shots that Fr. Owen speaks of. Seems like I also remember getting annual booster shots after that... was that possible or was that for something else? I didn't get the Sabin oral vaccine ever that I can remember. Of course it is hard to remember what happened 50 years ago! Although that sometimes seems easier than remembering things from last week! Heh-heh... short term memory... we won't go there!

Dave Constantine in Boston

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The Salk vaccine was administered in a series of four injections, about a
week apart, over the course of a month. The Sabin vaccine was administered
orally, with the vaccine absorbed in a sugar cube. It is quite likely that you
received both vaccines. It would be more certain if you remembered getting
the series of four shots, rather than "one shot at the armory". On the other
hand, if I got a series of four shots a week apart when I was a little tyke,
my memory of the occasion wouldn't likely be very clear, either.

Fr. Owen Taggart

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