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Subject: Re: [Q-R] 20th Century Plague
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 23:25:35 -0700
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> Hi:
> I was a polio pioneer here in Central New York. They came to our school
> and told us about taking this vaccine that helped save children from getting
> crippled. Then they asked for volunteers to take the vaccine, and they told
> us that we might or might not get the "real thing." My parents absolutely
> did not want me to take this vaccine because they were afraid I might actually
> get polio, but I insisted on being part of the project. Later it was
> revealed to my parents that I had received the vaccine and not the placebo. I lived
> in Plainville, NY (yes right across the street from the famous Plainville
> Turkey Farm for those who know the area). My cousin who was the same age as
> me and lived in Chateaugay, NY decided not to become a pioneer and
> unfortunately was the only member in our family to contract the disease. Fortunately,
> she was lucky and only had a light case and did not become totally crippled.
> Sharon

Here's another Sharyn who was a "Polio Pioneer". I still remember going to
the attic of the local library where we got our shots and a little round metal
Polio Pioneer pin with a bend-down tab to hook to your clothes. We also got
the "real thing" in East Hartford, CT. The only bad part about getting the
real vaccine was finding out that they didn't know how long it would last
so I ended up getting two more booster shots before I was 12. Our local
park was shut down every summer because of polio and my mom really
worried about it. I now have several friends who had mild cases as children
and now have "post polio syndrome" which is quite uncomfortable and
disabling. They got the double whammy and all I got was 5 shots!


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