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You know this may sound odd, but nearly evey name I enter I receive some
kind of info in the geneology world. However, GIORSETTI, Andre
GIORSETTI, married to a GUERIN. He supposedly came to Quebec from Milan
Italy and married a french canadian. He was supposedly a mayor of
Montreal North in the 50's or 60's. He also owned hotels in Montreal. He
was killed in the 60's. Mafia related?? I cannot find ANYTHING on him or
his name. Does anyone out there know how to find out anything about


Be Kind..... We "Could" Be Related!!!

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Subject: [Q-R] Consanguinity - requests for dispensation preserved in
Catholic Church archives?

Does anyone know if there was documentation of the requests for
dispensation in cases of close relationships between a bride and groom?
My great-grandparents, Apollinaire Dallaire and Desanges Blais, had to
marry a second time (in 1884) because they had no dispensation the first
time (in 1876). They were third cousins -- their common ancestors were
their great-great-grandparents, Charles DENIS-LAPIERRE (born 28 Jun
1723) and Marie Louise FRADET (born 26 Sep 1722) who were married 24
November 1749.

Thank you,

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