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From: "Donna L. Alden-Bugden" <>
Subject: Hammond, Delunn/Delund/Delamp, Temple
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 12:36:30 -0600
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My gg grandfather was Mark John Hammmond and he married Catherine O'Shea, an
Irish gal.

I know that Mark's parents were Thomas Hammond and Elizabeth Temple/Jemph (I
think it is Temple since I cannot find such a surname, Jemph)
Catherine's parents were (John) Charles O'Shea and Catherine

Can anyone tell me if any of these names are French. I know that O'Shea is
definitely irish, but what about Hammond, DeLunn/Delund/Delamp or Temple
(Temple doesn't sound French, but I don't know).

I know the origins of Catherine O'Shea (whom Mark married Feb 6, 1844 in
St.-Roch, Quebec City, Quebec, but I don't know if her mother was French or
if Mark was French...

Any suggestions on the names? Is their a history of Hammonds in st. Roch?

Thanks so much
PS. does anyone know genealogy lists that discuss people from St-Roch
(Quebec City)?


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