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Hi Donna,

I don't know if what I have for you is really yours or not. The names are close but not exact. I don't find an Albert Beaulac married to a Rose Bousquet, but rather a François Beaulac, and Rose is sometimes referred to as Rosalie and sometimes Arzélie. The time seems about right and they do have a few children who also married in the area, one of whom is an Emma. These marriages according to the Shefford County and Granby Repertoires published by Quintin on CD:

François BEAULAC (J.B. & Marie GALIPEAU)
Arsélie BOUSQUET (Pierre & Aurélie CHARRON)
Notre Dame; November 22, 1869

Victor BEAULAC (François & Arzélie BOUSQUET)
Laura LAMARCHE (Oliva & Aurélie PHANEUF)
Notre Dame; October 30, 1893

Edmond DEXTRADEUR (Honoré & Denyse BÉDARD -Shefford)
Corine BEAULAC (François & Arzélie BOUSQUET)
Notre Dame October 30, 1893

Albert CABANA (Napoléon & Victorie GRAVEL)
Emma BEAULAC (François & Rosalie BOUSQUET)
Notre Dame; February 10, 1902

Alfred BEAULAC (Frs & Rosalie BOUSQUET - Granby)
Anna TETREAULT (Alfred & Malvina SANAY)
Roxton Falls; July 29, 1902

Notre Dame is a Parish in Granby, Shefford County. Roxton Falls is another town in Shefford County.

Dave Constantine in Boston

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Hi Everyone,
I am researching my husbands family and Albert Beaulac and Rose Bousquet
were his great grandparents. The stories handed down say they had 11 children.
Rose was born in Canada.
I have been told Albert Beaulac(son) owned land in Granby, Providence of
Quebec. The other children's names are Arthur, Wilfred, Arcelia, Emma, Rose, &
Ida (aka Marie Donaldo ).
I am not sure of the rest I have the name Romeo and Anita but I don't know
if they are children of this family. This family goes back to the mid to late
My husbands grandmother Ida Beaulac was born March 17, 1889.
If there is anyone out there that can help me or point me in the right
direction, I would appreciate it very much.
Thank You
Donna Birmingham

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