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From: P Boudreault-Gilbert <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Old Mourning Superstitions and Customs
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 16:55:24 -0700
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Tks BB, for sure tis not true!! Hugs :)

Happy New Year tous les cousins/cousines et/and Amis/Friends...:)

sure glad this 'only' what it is some would have believed in, cause sure
isn't or shouldn't be true today?

La veuve here says:
if any of you is seen reacting like tis will simply say to those around me:
Take them out and you know what to do! Edumacate them of course! :))))

Anyways, sorry didn't write in sooner but was keeping you all for the last
not because you last, cause you all extra special being as it's the 2nd
group, but that don't mean nothing either, cause you are the very 1st group
within all of this our Amerique and families t00! :))

Just know all's well, working it all through one day at the time and so far
so good.....days getting longer and soon spring peek through it all
sooooooooooooooooooooo this year will be a total different year for me and
just know will be doing things differently as well?

meantime while I organize myself, Keep Well, Happy and always Smiling cause
life continues to be surrounding those who are living and have a need to
know themselves which continues to keep me very interested in what it is am
doing ok?

Those of you who kept in touch with me during 2004...Merci and Hugs! :)
Those who didn't, not to worry there will be another day sometime down the

Onward Ho she goes as we continue to realize what wasn't known such a short
time ago!

Hugs Everyone, see you when i next write in ok? ;)

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