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Union 1650-12-31 Lieu inconnu HAMELIN NICOLAS & LEVASSEUR JEANNE
According to Red Drouin the above are the parents of Francois Hamelin. They
were from St-Mathurin
de la Dagueniere, diocese d'Angers, Anjou
and these are the parents of Marie Madeleine
Union 1665-11-09 Lieu indéterminé (au Québec) AUBERT-GRONDINES JACQUES &
good luck

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Hi Luci,I am descended from Francois Hamelin and Marie Madeleine Aubert.
Unfortunately I too am looking for parents of Francois Hamelin. I do have
parents for Marie though. I can't give you sources at this point, as I don't
have them handy. From what I have on hand, her parents were Jacques Aubert
and Antoinette Meunier. I also have noted that Jacques Aubert had purchased
the 100 square mile seigneurie of St Charles Des Roches de Grondines, and
employed Louis Hamelin (who married Jacques other daughter 6 years earilier
than Francois married Marie Madeleine) and probably Francois as well. In
1694, Louis bought part of Aubert's seigneurie (according to notary
records). While there seems to be no record of any transaction involving
Francois, as early as 1705, he was referred to in notary records as
"seigneur en partie". By 1714, his official title was "coseigneur". This is
about all I have on the relationship between the Hamelin's and Jacques
Any help in finding in the parents of Francois, would be appreciated.
<<I have a Francois Hamelin married 1685 at Grondines to
Marie-MadeleineAubert.  Need to verify parents of  both spouses.  Thank you.

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