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Subject: Today In History Oct 31
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 09:11:24 EST

Oct 31,


Toronto Ontario - Opening of third session of eleventh Parliament of Upper
Canada; meets until Feb. 13, 1833; Mackenzie expelled for a third time.
1809 Montreal Quebec - John Molson 1764-1836 sends steamboat
'Accommodation' on maiden voyage; first steamboat in Canada makes seven day round trip to
Quebec and back. 1780 Lake Ontario - 34 men of 34th Regiment, plus crew
of 16 gun schooner Ontario lost in storm. 1765 Quebec Quebec - La Gazette de
Québec newspaper stops publication. 1763 Detroit Michigan - Pontiac
capitulates after British defeat Indians at Bushy Run, and after the deaths of
several chiefs and a string of other losses. 1760 Quebec Quebec - James Murray
establishes military courts in Quebec. 1610 James Bay, Quebec - Henry
Hudson on the Discovery orders Prickett and Staffe ashore to find a suitable
place for winter at the southeast corner of James Bay; the following day the
crew haul the ship aground and start building winter quarters. 1534 St-Malo
France - Jacques Cartier authorized to provision and arm 2 ships to return to
North America in the spring; he will eventually raise £3,000, and equip 3 ships
with 110 men for the return trip May 19, 1535.

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