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Subject: Excerpt Of History
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 19:11:43 EDT

June 30, 1763 Boston Newspaper
"The schooner arrived from Niagara, with reinforcements of men, and a fresh
supply of ammunition and provisions, and on the 14th of July, Major Gladwin
sent out a party, who attacked some Indians, killed three, one of whom was a
chief, and pursued them for some distance. But soon after he had mortification
to learn that the villains had butchered Capt. Campbell, in the most shocking
manner. This officer had been determined ever since he went out to treat
with them, and there cannot be stronger proof of the ingratitude of that brutal
race than in this instance, for a while Capt. Campbell commanded at Detroit,
he was remarkably hospitable to the several tribes of Indians who came to
that post, and made it his constant study to befriend them. The other officer
who accompanied Capt. Campbell, had the good fortune to make his escape, and
was safe in the fort, when the letter came away."

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